TRN BA5 10 Balance Amarture Driver Unit HIFI DJ Monitor Earphone

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5 Balanced Armatures

TRN BA5 adopts 30095 balanced armatures integrated 3-tweeter solution for high frequency, 29689 BA for midrange and 22955 woofer BA for bass. The high frequency can reach treble extension that’s rich in detail, clear and sparkly, the mid can bring crisp vocals, rich and organic tones, whilst the bass driver gives deep controlled bass

3 Way System and Fine Tuning

Precise tuning uses 5 professional-grade BA drivers to present a highly-refined music performer. An integrated professionally tuned three way electronic crossover network that delivers every note created by the artiste and musician, with a balance of harmony and every subtle nuance. The BA5 allows you to discover a new realm of musical expression by faithfully reproducing the most acute subtlety for your ultimate music enjoyment

Superior Material and Craftsmanship

BA5 adopts high density magnesium alloy together with 5-axis CNC machining for the housing which can suppress undesirable internal resonance, making the overall sound warmer and more enticing

Airflow Regulating Pressure Vent and New Type-C Connector

The airflow control helps equalize internal chamber pressure via the vent on the faceplate. Newly developed type-C connector can greatly protect the contact pins from accidental breakage to ensure longevity and better wearing stability

Ergonomic Design for Ultimate Wearing Experience

The BA5 has a specially shaped front housing which is made in accordance to the contour of a human auricle for utmost stability, comfort and sound isolation


1. Product Name: TRN BA5 5BA Drivers In-Ear Earphone
2. Brand: TRN
3. Model: TRN BA5
4. Earphone type: In-ear
5. Impedance: 20Omega
6. Earphone sensitivity: 101dB/mW
7. Frequency range: 20-40000Hz
8. Interface: 3.5mm Gilded
9. Plug Type: L curved
10.Cable Length: 1.2mplusmn3cm
11.Color: Black,
12.Whether with cable: Yes
13.Earphone interface: 2Pin Interface
14.Whether with mic: Optional
15.Whether can replacement cable: Yes
16.Driver unit: Customised 30095 tweeters*3+Customised 29689 midrange*1+Customised 22955 woofer*1