Tripowin NUCOOL 21 Core OFC+28 Core Silver-plated Copper Cable

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The Continue of Tripowin Cable Family:

After releasing the Tripowin Zonie, C8 cable, we have got tons of good feedbacks and suggestions. Thus we made it happen to design a newly upgraded cable which will better suits for HiFi needs. Here you have Tripowin Nucool as your choices. Either you are looking for a basic cable but with high quality or you need more professional product, here at Tripowin we cover it all for you

21 Core OFC+28 Core Silver-plated Copper:

We strictly selected supreme material for Nucool. 21 cores of Oxygen Free Copper and 28 cores of Silver-plated Copper make a good combination to offer fast and stable transmission. The sound is greatly restored to the original, less distorted.

Braiding Technique:

With the braiding technique, we have successfully combined the two materials into one cable. The naturally formed pattern looks neat and elegant on it. It's not too loud but noticeable. It feels soft and easily be stored without any tangling.

Improvement on Sound Quality:

With this Nucool cable, you can easily replace your cable with a upgraded one. It offers more choices for your HiFi earbuds. The sound quality is improved to be more real, brighter and less distortion. The three frequencies can be more vivid through this cable. It is aiming to provide you with the best budget IEM that can explore the new stage of music sound.

Wide Application:

The Nucool cable is designed with several connectors and plugs to suit for most devices and earphones, even the high-end earbuds. The wide range of application makes it ideal for any replacement. Simply choose the right style for your devices. MMCX or 2PIN, pick any one of them from your needs.


> Material: 21 Core OFC+28 Core Silver-plated Copper
> Diameter of Each Core: 0.08mm(inside)/1.3mm(outer)
> Cable Length: 1.2m+/-5cm
> Plug: 3.5mm
> Connector: 0.78mm-2Pin
> Compatibility: suit for any earphones that has a 0.78mm-2pin connector