Tripowin Cencibel High-resolution dynamic driver In Ear Earphone

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Singularity in Sound:

Multi-driver earphones are often disadvantaged by an inconsistent texture and timbre. The Cencibel utilizes a single dynamic driver to achieve a uniform sound across the entire frequency spectrum. Using a newly developed first generation 9.8mm NCG (nano-carbon graphene) diaphragm, the cencibel is able to produce an incredible dynamic range that is detailed and powerful from the sub-bass all the way to the ultra-treble frequencies. The coherency in the sound is apparent from its tonal balance as well as the richness in every note played back from your music.

Balanced Tonal Signature:

The sound of the Cencibel can be described as powerful and detailed. The Cencibel has a powerful sub-bass impact that is well extended even below the 20Hz audible range for a rumble that can be felt by your ear. The mids are lush to accentuate the texture of stringed instruments and vocals. The treble has been tuned to match the tonal perception of the human ear canal, so the Cencibel will sound detailed, but still completely natural.

3D Designed and Constructed:

Almost every aspect of the Cencibel has been software engineered and 3D printed to achieve perfect channel matching and reduce unit variations. The acoustic cavity of the Cencibel has been constructed around the dynamic driver itself, completely eliminating imbalances amongst earphone units. Furthermore, the chamber has been designed with micro grooves along the lining of the driver chamber, fine-tuning the low frequencies. The shell design was achieved through both software and physical mold casting to achieve an incredibly comfortable and ergonomic shape. The shell is created through high-precision 3D printing using medical-grade resin.

Detachable Cable:

The Cencibel features a detachable 2-pin cable that terminates to a 3.5mm plug. The detachable cable allows pairing with other cables to extend the longevity of the Cencibel, as well as to meet the cable plug needs of different audio devices.