Tripowin Alture 26AWG high-purity single crystal copper upgrade cable

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High-Quality Raw Material:

Alture- Tripowin released a new professional stereo audio headphone cord, featuring 26AWG high-purity single crystal copper silver-plated wire, Alture is designed to provide you with a next-level HiFi experience.

Minimalist appearance:

TRIPOWIN Alture headphone cable is made of gold-plated connectors and plug terminals, a shielding sheath, durable nylon braid.  TRIPOWIN Alture headphone cable has a modern and minimalist look, which can be your beautiful decoration.

Enjoy great sound:

The TRIPOWIN Alture headphone cable has excellent sound quality.   It features gold-plated contacts and high-quality shielding for lossless sound transmission and effective noise cancellation.   Alture could be regarded as an upgrade cable for most HiFi headphones.   Unique structure and configuration will greatly improve high-frequency flexibility.   You are able to enjoy a smooth low frequency, ensuring high-fidelity sound quality performance

Designed For Mainstream HiFi Headphones:

TRIPOWIN Alture has high compatibility.   The 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm/XLR audio cable plugs work with a variety of devices such as cell phones, laptops, car radios, MP3 players, portable wireless speakers, and more.   In addition, the dual 2.5mm connectors/dual 3.5mm connectors/HD650 connectors/HD800 connectors are not only suitable for most headphones, but also compatible with Sennheiser headphones.   For a better listening experience, we recommend pairing your headphones with the TRIPOWIN Alture headphone cable.


> Product Name:TRIPOWIN Alture Headphone Upgrade Cable
> Model: Alture
> Cable length: 1.5m/2m
> Cable material: 116*0.06 single-crystal copper cable
> Plug: 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm/XLR plug
> Connectors: Dual 2.5mm/Dual 3.5mm/HD650/HD800