TRI x HBB KAI 3rd Generation DLC Diaphragm Dynamic Earphone In Ear Monitor

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The TRI x HBB Kai Professional Wired Headphones is the perfect accompaniment for hitting the hi-fidelity heights. Super tuning in collaboration with HBB - known as HawaiiBadboy - and created from a selection of in-ear monitors, the Kai headphones are bound to provide an exclusive reference standard when it comes to audio. Drawing on TRI’s knowledge of sound technology, the team has developed a stunning pair of headphones with impressive craftsmanship and a powerful configuration, all for an affordable price.

The picks of the bunch with the Kong headphones are the 3rd generation DLC diaphragm and powerful magnetic circuit double cavity driver. The former has been carefully chosen to ensure a wide frequency response and classic trebling, whilst the latter grants an atmospheric bass. Both of these are showcased in the headphones’ elegant shell made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, a product of TRI’s five-axis CNC process; this is truly a product of quality craftsmanship.

Finally, the headphones come complete with a 4-wire OFC silver plated cable. Unique to the Kai, it has 24 strands of 0.05mm, which all contribute to the headphones idea of a well-balanced performance. With these headphones, TRI really has done something to capture the essence of the Hawaiian islands; it’s an embodiment of elegance and innovation, inspired by that blue sea and golden sand. All this and more make the RI x HBB Kai Professional Wired Headphones an audio experience to behold.


Collaboration with HBB:

The TRI x HBB Kai Professional Wired Headphones feature a unique collaboration with HBB (HawaiiBadboy), who provided a sound curve to create an exclusive reference standard for these headphones.

Exquisite Craftsmanship:

TRI's pursuit of better products is reflected in the delicate craftsmanship of the KAI headphones. Made with an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy shell and a five-axis CNC process, these headphones have a highly polished and sleek appearance.

3rd Generation DLC Diaphragm:

The KAI headphones utilize the most expensive 3rd generation DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) diaphragm with a diameter of 9.8mm. This diaphragm improves frequency response and provides treble with wide extension and rich detail, ensuring harmonious and unified sound.

Enhanced Bass Performance:

With a magnetic circuit double cavity driver, the KAI headphones achieve more magnetic flux and better performance in bass drive. This creates a more atmospheric bass that enhances the overall listening experience.

High-Quality Cable:

The KAI headphones come with a high-quality 4-wire OFC silver plated cable. The cable is manually braided and made of high purity silver plated OFC wire, ensuring a more balanced sound performance.