KBEAR TRI I3 Pro Planar Magnetic+1DD+1BA Wired Earphone In-ear Monitor

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The TRI I3 PRO IEM in Ear Monitor Headphones offer great sound quality and features in a compact size.  These headphones are the perfect choice for anyone who needs powerful sound but doesn't want the bulk of the traditional headphones.  With a new-design cavity, the I3 PRO has 26% less volume than its predecessors, allowing it to fit in the ear comfortably while providing superior sound quality.

The I3 PRO also offers advanced tuning capabilities, allowing you to customize your music experience.  Compared to the I3 Mids, the I3 PRO is smoother and the treble is sweeter.  This advanced tuning makes it easier to become more confident in your work or play, as the powerful capability of the I3 PRO helps you take your enjoyment of music to the next level.  Additionally, the I3 PRO boasts a new cable material, which is a great improvement from its predecessors and makes it easy to fit and wear.

Finally, the I3 PRO offers an ergonomics design for the small pinna.  This new-optimized design provides superior comfort while also making sure that you get the most out of your music experience.  The TRI I3 PRO IEM in Ear Monitor Headphones is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a powerful, yet lightweight device.  With a sleek design, advanced tuning, and a great sound quality, the I3 PRO is sure to surpass all your expectations.



The TRI I3 PRO IEM In-Ear Monitor Headphones are designed to be small and lightweight, making them comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

Great Power:

Despite their small size, these headphones pack a punch with their powerful sound output.  You can enjoy your music with crisp and clear audio quality.

New-Design Cavity:

The headphones feature a new-design cavity that reduces the volume by 26%, ensuring an optimal listening experience with minimal distortion.

Advanced Tuning:

The I3 PRO has been tuned to provide a smoother mid-range and sweeter treble compared to its predecessor, resulting in a more enjoyable listening experience.

New Cable Material:

The headphones come with a new cable material that is a great improvement over previous models.  The 5N OFC cable ensures a stable connection and enhanced audio transmission.