TONEKING EA Electrostatic Alpha Flagship Hybrid Drivers In-ear Earphone

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TONEKING EA, full name TONEKING ELECTROSTATIC ALPHA,is the latest generation of TONEKING ’s flagship electrostatic & Balanced armature hybrid HiFi system; the advantage of multi-BA drivers + electrostatic unit, plus experienced electro-acoustic engineers and the post-balance of the cello chief Debugging will bring a brand new high-resolution, high-fidelity, high-transient experience to all fans.

Flagship Electrostatic & BA Hybrid Drivers HiFi Earphone:

TONEKING EA is born with prominent drivers configurations. It adopts 2 electrostatic units, 2 knowles BA drivers for Treble , 2 Soninon BA drivers for Bass and 1 Knowles BA drivers for Mids

Handmade Unique Earphones:

Each earphone is handcrafted by experienced engineer. It’s rather a fine art of audio than a simple earphone.The polishing, the mold, the selected drivers and everything are all carefu.