TinHiFi T4 Plus In-Ear Wired Headset 10mm Dynamic Driver Hifi IEMs

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TinHiFi T4 Plus In-Ear Wired headsets boast true HiFi sound with the finest of audio components.  Since the moment you put them in, you will be in for an audio feast.  The 3rd Gen CNT composite diaphragm and N54 external magnetic circuits together make sure that the noise reduction and clarity of sound are optimized for a mesmerizing experience.  The CCAW multi-layer voice coil, preferred for its fidelity in bringing out the original flavor in audio, and high-grade wood resonator embedded in the earpiece help erase any distortions.  Its lightweight design (only 4g) and custom silicone memory foam ear tips make it easier for long hours of comfortable listening.

On the aesthetical front, T4 Plus is designed with classic and modern aesthetics in mind.  The faceplate is made of quality wood to reflect the exquisite taste of its owner and the brass frame guarantees an excellent airflow with minimum harmonic distortion.  The natural music that you hear on these earbuds sound pleasant and bright with perfect vocal and instrument separation.  On the practical side, the 4-strands high-purity silver-copper mixed cable used here is durable and highly-conductive, plus anti-tangle and nice to touch.  And the 0.78 2-pin jacks ensure compatibility.

To summarize, T4 Plus In-Ear Wired Headset is a perfect example of how modern technology can be used to provide an amazing audio experience.  Its dynamic driver and super lightweight design come together to provide excellent comfort and sound quality.  The new generation diaphragm, voice coil, and brass frame help eliminate distortion.  And lastly, the aesthetical and practical design finish off the package to make it a perfect companion for long hours of listening.  So, if you’re looking for a top-notch HiFi audio experience, T4 Plus In-Ear Wired Headset is for you.


10mm Dynamic Driver Hifi IEMs:

The TinHiFi T4 Plus In-Ear Wired Headset features a 10mm dynamic driver, delivering high-fidelity audio with clear and detailed sound reproduction.

3rd Gen CNT Composite Diaphragm and N54 External Magnetic Circuit Design:

The T4 Plus is equipped with a 3rd generation carbon nanotube composite diaphragm and an N54 external magnetic circuit design, resulting in improved temporal response, lighter diaphragm, and enhanced sound accuracy.

Balanced Three Frequencies and Boomy Bass:

This headset provides an overall balanced sound across all three frequencies and specifically tunes the bass to be boomy and alluring, offering precise and impactful low-end performance.

Resonance Chamber Embedded in Classy Wood:

The T4 Plus features a resonance chamber embedded in high-grade wood, effectively reducing distortion caused by ear tunnel resonance and delivering natural and detailed sound reproduction.

Lightweight and Portable:

Each earbud of the T4 Plus weighs only 4g, making it easy to carry around for both work and play.  With its lightweight design, you can enjoy high-quality audio wherever you go.