SIMGOT EA1000 Dual-Magnet Dual-Cavity DD + PR Structure HiFi Earphones

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Sputter Deposition Purple-Gold Diaphragm Technology:

The heart of the EA1000 lies in its extraordinary SDPGD™ Technology. Developed over three years by Simgot, this diaphragm is a testament to precision and ingenuity. It boasts remarkable characteristics, including high rigidity, exceptional hardness, lightweight construction, and the perfect blend of elasticity required for deep bass. Unlike conventional titanium or beryllium diaphragms, the Purple-Gold Diaphragm undergoes a meticulous process involving multiple layers of transparent, custom-targeted vacuum high-temperature sputtering on a specialized base film. This results in a mesmerizing, mysterious purple-gold hue, achieved through the interference of reflected light from both the base film and the sputtered layers.

2nd Generation Dual-Magnet Dual-Cavity Dynamic Driver:

Derived from the flagship EA2000 and further optimized, the second-generation DMDC™ dynamic driverrevolutionizes earphone design. Unlike traditional single-magnetic circuitry, DMDC™ dynamic driveroffers both inner and outer magnetic circuits, delivering unparalleled magnetic flux. This enhances dynamic range, and transient response, and widens the frequency range. EA1000's control over high frequencies is also significantly improved, providing an awe-inspiring, immersive experience.

1DD+1PR Acoustic Architecture:

Building upon EA2000's success, the EA1000 utilizes 10mm Dynamic Driver (DD) paired with Passive Radiator (PR) configuration. This innovative design enhances low-frequency texture and ambient dispersion. The interaction between the Purple-Gold Diaphragm and the airflow in the rear cavity generates subtle vibrations and reflections, fine-tuning the bass and adding a natural ambience.

Detachable Nozzles:

The EA1000 features a threaded, interchangeable nozzle design, offering endless possibilities for sound customization. It comes with three meticulously nozzles: one brass and two stainless steel. These nozzles, each with its unique tuning philosophy and approach, allow users to switch between 3 different tuning styles, expanding the headphone's adaptability and catering to different sonic preferences.

High Purity Silver-Plated OFC Litz Structure Cable:

EA1000 comes with a state-of-the-art high purity silver-plated OFC Litz structure cable, which ensures that your audio signal remains untainted. Say goodbye to interference and distortion, and hello to pure, unadulterated sound.

All-Metal Body High Transparency Crystal Panel:

The EA1000 is the epitome of audio excellence, combining artistry and engineering in one extraordinary package. Its all-metal body exudes durability and sophistication, making a statement of premium craftsmanship.