Rose Technics QuietSea God-Plated Brass Dual-Cavity Drivers In-Ear Earphone

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HiFi sound quality:

Dual-chambered brass gold-plated unit with upgraded self-developed topology diaphragm.Rarely available 5N 4-stranded monocrystalline copper wire in the same price range, metal CNC acoustic chamber.

Precision control of airflow vibration:

Through the TS parameters, constantly adjusted and optimized, so that the QuietSea for the vibration of the airflow control is more accurate, reproducing the sense of presence.

Innovative diaphragm technology from topology:

Through the deposition of nano-materials to optimize the micro-topology, compared with the traditional moving coil diaphragm, significantly reduce the split vibration, harmonic distortion is less than 0.1%.

No front-end picking:

QuietSea's new generation of self-developed 1.5T Tesla magnetic flux density unit easily improves the driving problem.

Flagship materials and craftsmanship:

QuietSea uses 7 series zinc alloy polished by 5-axis CNC precision machining, to control the small details, in order to create amazing consistency. High-quality gold-plated MMCX female chassis has more times of plugging and unplugging life.

Driving mode:Moving Coil
Cable Length:120cm
Wearing Style:In-Ear
Frequency Range:20-20000Hz
Pin Type:3.5mm