Rose Technics QT-X Wired In-ear Headphones Hybrid Earphones Flagship Earbuds

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Rose Technics QT-X Wired In-ear HIFI Headphones Hybrid Earphones Flagship Earbuds



[New frame:]

A new generation of moving coil and moving iron frame, solves the harmonic distortion, the articulation problem between the units and the phase difference technical problems.

[Upgraded configuration:]

The pin type is 0.78 2 pin, the pin connector is upgraded, and it is more convenient to change the cables.

[6-unit moving-iron unit:]

The QTX utilizes only the superior frequency bands of each unit and is configured with two of each unit to provide great sound density.

[10mm Tesla Moving Coil:]

The phase of the moving coil at 100-500hz is adjusted by adjusting the coil quality, impedance, and sensitivity of the moving coil unit, greatly reducing distortion.

[Blue Rose Wire:]

The use of high-purity single-crystal copper and single-crystal silver presents a highly transparent and clear sound from low to high frequencies.

[RZ500 flagship decoding:]

Adopts ESS9038Q2M chip, commonly used flagship player audio decoding, signal-to-noise ratio of up to 120dB, strong resolution, small distortion.


Product parameter:


Frequency response range:20-20000Hz


Cable length:120cm

Interface specification:international 3.5mm      

Product weight:30+5g

Pin type:0.78 2pin                

Headset unit:Moving-coil+moving_iron

Unit diaphragm:HD nanomaterials     

Wire material:OCC single crystal copper+single crystal silver


Value Pack:

Earphones:1 pair

Inert sets small:4 pairs

Earbud sets:4 pairs

Gray Rose headphone cable:1

Rz-300m adapter:1


Instruction manual:1


Deluxe Pack:

Earphones:1 pair

Inert cover small:4 pairs

Earbud sets:4 pairs

Blue Rose headphone cable:1

Rz-500 adapter:1


C to c adapter cable:1

Instruction manual:1


All specification and parameters are laboratory test data.