Oneodio OpenRock S Air Conduction Bluetooth 5.3 Earphones

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OpenRock Directional Audio Technology:

The new generation of air conduction earphones.Its structural design integrates sound propagation features of pipelines, concentrating sound and making it more appropriate for directional transmission.It also improves the low-frequency resonance of the sound, resulting in a significant improvement in sound quality.

The precise sound attenuation system design allows for better mutual cancellation between inverted and forward sound in the far field, achieving far-field sound attenuation, reducing sound overflow, and allowing music to only surround the user's ear canal. This will not only maintain the user’s privacy but also prevent disturbing others.

OpenRock TubeBass Technology:

The new generation TubeBass™ technology optimizes the cavity system and enhances the human-machine experience.

OpenRock S integrates TubeBass™ while adhering to ergonomic principles. The sound waves from the speakers are concentrated and transmitted to the ear canal mouth through the resonant cavity and reflection cavity, offering unmatched bass capacity in open headphones.

A specially designed 16.2mm long-stroke speaker with a large dynamic range, providing abundant bass energy.

Dynamic Audio Algorithm:

OpenRock's self-developed dynamic audio algorithm can dynamically adjust bass and treble to maintain optimal sound quality.

Professional Sports Sound Effects:

According to sports psychology, professional audio effects for sports customized by OpenRock can specifically optimize the listening state of the human body during movement. Users can switch audio effects by long pressing and holding on both sides for 2 seconds to adapt to different sporting scenarios.

Rock Mode:

Emphasizes the deep bass and rhythmic motion audio effects.It is intended to reduce exercise fatigue, activate your exercise potential, and improve the efficiency of your exercise training.

Rock mode is suitable for running, cycling, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), etc.    These sports are usually accompanied by fast-paced sports music such as rock and DJ tracks.

Relax Mode:

Emphasizes the three-frequency natural and comfortable sports audio effect. Intended to help individuals relax and relieve stress.

Relax Mode is suitable for exercises such as yoga, stretching, meditation, and other low-intensity exercises.These sports are usually accompanied by soothing and stress-relieving music, such as classical and ambient music.

Advanced Bluetooth 5.3:

The new generation of upgraded Bluetooth ensures more stable connection, lower power consumption, longer transmission range and lower latency.

Extreme 60-hour Battery Endurance:

It has a rechargeable battery compartment, allowing for a 19-hour playback duration per charge and a total battery life of 60 hours with the charging case.

With 19 hours of single playback, you don't need to carry additional charging devices such as a power bank or mobile power supply when participating in marathon and all day cycling activities, making your exercise more comfortable.

AI Four Noise-Canceling Microphones:

Four high-quality microphones are arranged based on beam-forming technology to assist in AI call noise cancellation algorithms. This achieves four-mic AI noise cancellation and eliminates environmental noise. Even if the surrounding wind is strong, the other party can still hear your voice clearly.

Open-Ear Comfort:

OpenRock S won't squeeze your ear or ear canal. It keeps the ear canal and ear dry and breathable, eliminating the risk of otitis.It can prevent friction between earplugs and the ear canal or air during exercise, while also avoiding footsteps and chewing sounds.

The optimized ergonomic ear hook provides a better fit to the human ear, disperses pressure against the ear due to gravity, and offers a more comfortable and durable wearing experience.The ear hook can be customized to match individual ear shapes and stay in position, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.

Safety & Enjoyment:

OpenRock S can allow users to detect the sound of the surrounding environment in real time, eliminate auditory masking and inattentional deafness, and ensure a safer workout experience.

IPX5 Water-Resistant:

OpenRock S can handle the great majority of workout intensity and circumstances with ease due to its level 5 waterproof, sweat, and rain resistance.