Oneodio OpenRock Pro Open-Ear Air Conduction Sports Earbuds

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They don’t go in your ears.  And they don’t cover them.  But what are they? From bone conduction headphones to OpenRock Pro headphones, explore the latest headphone technologies and learn the difference.

Open ear wireless headphones are headphones that don’t block or cover your ears, so you can hear your music and your surroundings at the same time. This unique experience makes them a top choice for running headphones and workout headphones as they allow you to fuel your exercise with music, without losing awareness of your surroundings.

Let’s take a closer look at the different technologies, how they work, and why many are falling in love with open ear headphones.


What is bone conduction?

Most wireless headphones use bone conduction technology to send vibrations directly to the inner ear, bypassing the eardrums.  While effective, it requires a tight fit between the bone conduction headphones and the wearer. Plus, it has significant audio-quality limitations.  Bone conduction technology can’t produce sound as clearly and consistently as traditional audio technologies that send sound through the air.And between the fit and the vibrations, some find bone conduction headphones to be simply uncomfortable.

What is OneOdio OpenRock Pro?

OneOdio OpenRock Pro open ear wireless headphones is different. Instead of sending sound waves through the wearer’s bones, they send sound waves through the air for a more natural listening experience. Proprietary OneOdio open ear technology delivers rich, full-range sound while minimizing what others nearby can hear — reducing the issue of sound spillage caused by open-ear designs.Plus, they don’t require a tight fit.  They’re designed to rest securely on the natural curve of the ear, while precision-placed acoustic ports channel sound directly into the ears.

OpenRock TubeBass Technology:

OneOdio OpenRock Pro with 16.2mm large dynamic long stroke drivers and the TubeBass bass enhancement technology can increase the low-frequency resonance of the sound to enhance bass and the rhythm of music, thus invigorating your movement pace.  It makes low frequencies more solid, deeper, and enveloped, allowing pianissimo details and vocals to be bright and clear.

Advanced Chip:

OneOdio OpenRock Pro djusted by OneOdio Acoustic Laboratory Qualcomm chip, combined with bluetooth 5.2 and aptX audio decoding technology, to reduce the distortion caused by the connection of music through bluetooth, restore the CD sound quality.

Long Battery Life:

OneOdio OpenRock Pro has a 100mAh battery with up to 19 hours of listening time on a single charge. The charging box adds another 27 hours of battery life with 400mAh giving you a total of up to 46 hours of listening when you’re on the go.

4-Mic ENC Call Noise Cancellation:

The four noise cancelling microphones and cvc8.0 technology eliminate environmental noises, and that means your team hears your voice without background noise. Safeguard your clear calls for more efficient communications. No worries and shouting in a noisy office or at home with annoying sounds.

Privacy Patented Technology:

OneOdio OpenRock Pro with privacy patented technology, which makes calls more private without worrying about privacy disclosure.

Safety & Open Ear Comfort:

The open-ear design allows air pressure to stay equalized while ensuring important environmental sounds can still be heard for a safer, more comfortable wearing experience even after long hours of use.Avoid the discomfort of in-ear headphones with our bud-free design.

Ultimate Fit:

Patented ergonomic ear hook technology enables you to adjust the ear hook to suit the shape or the ear, and disperse the gravity to make you more comfortable and enhance adhesion of the earphone.

IPX5 Water-Resistant:

With an IPX5 waterproof eating and resistance to sweat, dust and moisture. OpenRock Pro is the perfect workout companion for sports, fitness or running enthusiasts.

Instant Pairing:

Will automatically turn on and pair with your phone when you open the charging case.