NiceHCK EB2S PRO 3.5/4.4mm Plug Microphone Flat-Head Earbud

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The NiceHCK EB2S PRO stands as a remarkable audio companion, featuring a versatile 3.5/4.4mm plug configuration and an integrated microphone in a flat-head earbud design. This cutting-edge earbud offers a seamless listening and communication experience. With a choice of both 3.5mm and 4.4mm plugs, the EB2S PRO ensures compatibility with a wide array of devices, including smartphones, audio players, and professional audio equipment. The inclusion of a built-in microphone adds convenience for hands-free calling and voice commands, making it a versatile choice for on-the-go communication. The flat-head design not only provides comfort during extended wear but also contributes to a sleek and modern aesthetic. The EB2S PRO is a fusion of style and functionality, appealing to those seeking superior audio quality and seamless communication in a single, elegant package.

Dual Plug Versatility:

The EB2S PRO offers the best of both worlds with dual plug options. Whether it is the common 3.5mm plug or the professional-grade 4.4mm plug, this earbud is primed to connect with a wide range of audio devices. From smartphones and tablets to high-end audio gear, it effortlessly adapts to your specific equipment, ensuring high-quality sound transmission across the board.

Integrated Microphone:

Seamlessly transition from pure listening pleasure to hands-free communication with the integrated microphone. The built-in mic empowers you to take calls, record voice notes, or interact with voice assistants without ever removing the earbuds. This level of convenience and connectivity enhances the EB2S PRO's utility as an all-in-one audio solution.

Flat-Head Design:

Crafted for both style and comfort, the flat-head design of the EB2S PRO ensures a secure and ergonomic fit in your ears. The lightweight and streamlined profile guarantees prolonged wear without discomfort, making it ideal for extended listening sessions during travel, work, or leisure.

Crystal-Clear Sound:

Expect nothing less than exceptional audio quality with the EB2S PRO. The earbud delivers rich, well-balanced sound with a wide frequency response that faithfully reproduces your favorite music, podcasts, and more. Each note is rendered with precision, and every beat is felt with depth, creating an immersive listening experience.

Durable Build:

The EB2S PRO is built to last, with durable materials and meticulous craftsmanship. Its robust construction ensures longevity and reliability, even in the face of daily use and on-the-go adventures. This durability is a testament to NiceHCK's commitment to delivering top-tier audio equipment.


> Product name: NICEHCK EB2S Pro HIFI Flat-head Earbud
> Model: EB2S Pro
> Impedance: 32Ω
> Color:Marine Blue
> Plug type: 3.5mm/4.4mm Balanced
> Earphone sensitivity: 112dB/mW
> Frequency range: 20-25000Hz
> Shell material: Aluminum alloy
> Cable material: Silver plated and OCC mixed
> Drive unit: 15.4mm LCP Diaphragm Dynamic