New Kinera Celest Pandamon 2.0 10mm Square Planar Driver In-Ear Monitors

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Pandamon background:

Our Pandamon is also known as The Iron-eating beast, it was first recorded in Chinese fantasy literature “the Classic of Mountain and Seas(aka Shan Hai Jing)”, depicting its image to look alike a bear with black and white patterns, feasting itself with iron and copper- a fantasy beast with ferocious image.

According to legends, It is the personal mount of famous tribal leader Chi-You, with supernatural powers itself. It has contributed enormously in the tribe’s brilliant military records with extraordinary combat ability. Enemy weapons made with hardened metals can even be crushed easily when facing the Iron-eater’s brutal teeth. Even not on battlegrounds, it will often break into villager’s home to crush and feast on their metal cookware, thus earning the name of “Iron-eating Beast”.

Shell Design:

The earphone cover of the "Pandamon 2.0" earphones is crafted using hand-painted design techniques, meticulously drawn with a paintbrush, featuring a deep, mysterious indigo as its primary tone. This imparts a sense of depth and enigma, perfectly complementing the " Pandamon2.0" image. The color transitions between deep and fresh, lending it a unique quality. The base shell is made of a resin material, blending lightweight durability with ample room for creative design and form.

Tuning Concept:

Excellent bass performance with immense texture but transient response, while keeping a certain level of extension and dispersion, providing long listening comfortability; vocals are kept at an optimal distance with enriching thickness, glittered with a velvety treble range. The tuning is finished with good control over sibilance. Overall tuned with a pyramid shaped frequency distribution providing a warm and roomy tonality, thanks to our SPD 2.0.

Driver configuration:

We have used a enhanced SPD2.0 on Pandamon, providing the following acoustic quality improvements:

①Overall frequency sensitivity enhanced by 3db to be an even mobile phone friendlier IEM.

② We coupled a BA driver on our first iteration of SPD to compliment treble delivery, but SPD 2.0 is capable to deliver full frequency range, self-sufficient to provide a complete listening experience, eliminating any possible frequency interferences or unwanted acoustic effects. It’s rich texture and relaxed tonality is a perfect partner when you want to enjoy your beloved music during commute or after a long day’s work.


Plug:3.5 mm / 4.4 mm
Driver:10×10mm SPD
Interface: 0.78 2pin
Wearing Type:In-ear
Frequency Response Range:20Hz-20kHz
Cable length:1.25m

Cable Parameters:
Material: 5 N copper silver plating
Braiding: 4 core cross circular knitting
Diameter: 1.0 mm/core
Strands: 49 strands of 0.06 mm
Cable length: 1.2 m
Interface: 0.78 mm 2 Pin
Plug: 3.5 mm / 4.4 mm
Plug material: Pure Copper
Metal parts: Aluminum alloy

Celest 221 Vocal Eartips: enhance treble, pleasing vocal
Celest 608 Balanced Eartips: Sound balanced and stereo