LETSHUOER Singer 8mm dynamic magnetostatic driver hybrid IEM

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Detachable 2 Pin OCC Cable.

Sporting the all-reliable 2 pin connectors and reinforced, the Shuoer Singer gives the users the freedom to explore and discover much more adept sound signature by combining different cable options to ensure synergy with your audiophile equipment is uncompromised. With the peace of mind that the 2 pin connectors are durable and steady even after thousand times plug and pull

Retro Compact Neat Look.

The Singer is inspired by the modern industrial design and decoration art, it mixed the basic elements of earphones with hypernormal fashion art. Engraved the lyrics into the cavity is the unique style only here. Based on the modern style of the last centuries, this model combines old-fashioned elegance with the modern art to create an unparalleled and irreproducible aesthetics

Ergonomic Lightweight Design.

Singer is designed with a simple neat shape to reach a better seal in your ear. It offers comfortable wearing experience. Along with various choices of foam eartips, silicone eartips and other accessories, it will meet your needs


We Shuoer Official Store are dedicated to give to utmost importance on our users’ satisfaction which is why we made sure to include a 12-MONTH limited warranty security for your audio investment, keep your mind and ease and focus on your audio sessions more!

In the box contents

Leather storage box
Memory foam eartips x2
Soft silicone eartips X3
Neutral silicone eartips x3
Low frequency filter x2
2.5 to 3.5 mm adapter