KZ ZS10 PRO X HIFI Bass Metal Hybrid In-ear Earphone

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The KZ ZS10 Pro X Wired in Ear Earphones is a fashionable, modern upgrade to their ZS10 Pro model. Crafted with a high-quality Aluminum alloy cover and imported resin cavity, these earphones offer a superior look and feel as well as improved sound quality. The drivers are enhanced to create a balanced, coherent sound profile that includes solid bass, clear mid-range, and beautiful highs. In addition, these earphones come with an upgraded cable that is designed with a slot protection for added durability and longer life.

The KZ ZS10 Pro X contains noise canceling technology so that you can listen to your music in noisy environments without distortion. The ergonomic design and ear hook form a comfortable fit so that you can enjoy your music for extended periods of time. A 3.5mm plug and recessed 0.75mm 2 pin connector give these earphones increased compatibility across various devices. The impedance is 29 ohm and the sensitivity is 112±3dB with a frequency response of 20-40000 Hz. An optional microphone enhances communication while enjoying music as well.

Overall, the KZ ZS10 Pro X Wired in Ear Earphones are a modern upgrade with a sleek look and impressive sound quality, perfect for people who want superior sound quality in a comfortable design. With noise canceling technology and an enhanced cable, these earphones are designed for long-term use and are sure to please any listener.


High-quality construction:

The KZ ZS10 Pro X wired earphones feature a cover made of high-quality aluminum alloy and a cavity made of imported resin. This combination of materials enhances durability and ensures a modern and eye-catching design.

Improved drivers:

As an upgraded version of the KZ ZS10 Pro, these earphones provide excellent sound quality. With a full and rich low frequency, detailed midrange, and beautiful high frequencies, the sound signature is balanced and coherent from top to bottom.

Improved detachable cable:

The KZ ZS10 Pro X comes with an upgraded cable that features slot protection design. This design effectively protects the pins from breakage and extends the service life of the earphones. It also allows for easy replacement with other compatible cables.

Noise canceling and ergonomic design:

When properly worn, these earbuds can isolate up to 26dB of external noise, allowing you to enjoy your music in a noisy environment. The independent sound channel for each driver ensures that the sound is not distorted. The ergonomic design and ear hooks provide a comfortable wearing experience.

Wide range of color options:

The KZ ZS10 Pro X earphones offer a wide range of color options, allowing users to choose a style that suits their personal preferences. This adds to the fashionable appeal of the earphones and allows for customization.