KZ ZS10 Pro 2 Metal Earphone HIFI In Ear Bass Earbud

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The Second-Generation 10-DriverProfessional DD&BA Hybrid IEM

10mm Internal Magnetic Dynamic DriverDual31736 Balanced Armature Drivers (X2)Precise 3-Way Crossover Technology4-Level Custom Tuning SwitchExceptional Acoustic FR CurveClassic Design Aesthetics.

Hardware ConfigurationBeyond Hifi Standards

Tailored for the most discerning music aficionados, theZS10 Pro 2 features a blend of a 10mm super-linearinternalmagnetic dynamic driver and dual 31736 balanced armaturedrivers. This combination sets a new benchmark in audioquality,surpassing even the loftiest HiFi standards, cateringto the needs of professional musicians, audiophiles, andthose with the most exacting sound quality demands.

Low Frequency/Medium FrequencyHigh Frequency/Ultra-High Frequency

The dynamic driver handles the mid-to-low frequency range.delivering ample low-frequency response and natural mid-frequencytransitions to enhance the music's dynamics andatmosphere. On the other hand, the balanced armature drivers excel in thehigh-frequency range. lts compact structure and rapid responseallow for precise reproduction ofhigh-frequency details. resulting in a clear and transparent sound texture.

Industry-leading Balanced Armature Driver

Ourexclusivelycustomized 31736 balanced armature driversare responsible forhigh-frequency and ultra-high-frequencyoutput, accurately capturingand reproducing every subtlevariation of each note. Whether it's rich details or a widedynamic range, they can accurately present them.

HighlyIntegrated Internal SolderedHigh-Performance Dynamic Driver

KZ's original internal magnetic design creates a stable magneticfield environment within the driver unit, greatlyenhancing thepurity and stabilityof the sound. This allows for the precisecapture ofevery subtle variation in music.

Newly Designed Crossover CircuitPrecisely Controls the Sound Integration 

ZS10 Pro 2 utilizes a brand-newelectronic crossover circuit,preciselycalculatingtheimpact ofeach frequency on the soundqualityofdifferent frequency bands. This ensures seamlessintegration between the low, mid, high, and ultra-high frequencies. achievingoverall three-frequency balance, delicate auditorysensation, and rich detail in the listeningexperience.

Built-in Professional Filters4-Level custom Tuning Switch

To meet the diverse demands for sound quality, we've speciallydesigned a4-level custom switch.Whetherit's clearvocals, deepbass, or rich chords, it effortlessly caters to your preferencesWhether you're an audiophile or a professional creator, you canfind your unique sound signature through this intricate audiocontrol.

Product Information

Product mode:lZS10 PRO 2
Plug typeFrequency:20-40000Hz3.5mm
Pin Type:0.75mm
Cable Type:silver-plated cable
Cable length:120士5cm
Wearing type:In-ear