KZ x HBB PR2 In-Ear Metal Earphones Planar Magnetic Driver IEM

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The KZ PR2 in Ear Monitor Headphones are a reliable choice for music lovers everywhere. With a 13.2mm planar driver, they offer superior high and ultra-high frequency response that balanced armature and dynamic units simply can’t match. The treble is smoother and more natural, providing a truly enjoyable listening experience.

The beautifully designed face case of the KZ PR2 in Ear Monitor Headphones is constructed from high-density alloy and has a semi-open exhaust design for optimal sound quality. But it’s not purely about functionality; the sleek design, ergonomic shape, and light weight make these headphones a pleasure to wear. The included 0.75mm 2 pin standard gold-plated plug can also be easily swapped out for a cable with microphone or Bluetooth cable if desired, greatly extending the life of the headphones.

For the on-the-go listener, the KZ PR2 in Ear Monitor Headphones are an unbeatable choice. From their exquisite design to their superior high-frequency performance, they are second to none when it comes to in-ear monitors. Throw in the fact that the cable can be easily upgraded with different options and you have a pair of headphones that can provide years of pleasure.


13.2mm Planar Magnetic Driver:

The PR2 headphones are equipped with a new planar driver that offers improved high frequency and ultra-high frequency response for a smoother and more delicate treble sound.

Exquisite Alloy Face Case:

The face shell of the headphones is made from high-density alloy and undergoes a one-piece die-casting molding process, resulting in a sleek and premium appearance with a smooth feel. The semi-open exhaust design improves the output of natural and pure tones.

Artistic Design:

The carefully designed appearance and structure of the headphones make them not just a pair of in-ear monitors, but also a work of art. The attention to detail in the design adds to the aesthetic appeal.

Ergonomic and Lightweight:

The PR2 headphones are lightweight and designed to fit comfortably in the human ear. The around-the-ear wearing method ensures long-term wear without discomfort. The headphones can be inserted at a 45° angle and rotated 270° for a secure fit.

Upgraded 2 Pin Plug:

The detachable design of the PR2 headphones features a 0.75mm 2-pin standard gold-plated plug. This allows for the replacement of the original cable with options such as a cable with a microphone, Bluetooth cable, or an upgraded cable for increased cable lifespan and versatility in functionality.