KZ SA08 PRO 8BA Units TWS Bluetooth 5.2 Earphone True Wireless Earbuds

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The KZ SA08 Pro true wireless earbuds are built for advanced audio performance. Featuring 8 balanced audio electronic units, these earbuds deliver professional stage quality sound with medium and low frequencies. The Bluetooth 5.2 transmission provides a clear signal with low latency, while the Qualcomm QCC 3040 chip supports aptX and CVC calls creating a crystal clear sound quality even in noisy environments.

These earbuds feature a unique dual mode allowing you to switch between two different functions. Game Mode delivers higher sound quality with low latency for uninterrupted gaming experience. Full output mode delivers high analysis sound quality with more sound isolation for human voice instruments. With a full charge, you get up to 6 hours of Monaural listening. The upgraded USB-C type charging chamber provides up to 24 hours of total navigation. An intelligent touch control design and the light weight of the earbuds allow for easy and quick operations.

The KZ SA08 Pro true wireless earbuds are designed for high-performance audio needs and modern convenience. With the balanced audio distribution, Bluetooth 5.2 transmission, and the Qualcomm QCC 3040 chip, you get a crystal clear sound quality and a lag-free sound experience. The dual modes provide versatility and the long battery life lets you navigate for hours, making this an ideal choice for gaming, studio recording, and everyday use.


8 bi-sided balanced electronics units:

The KZ SA08 Pro features 8 bi-sided balanced electronics units that deliver accurate distribution and professional stage performances for medium and low frequencies.

Bluetooth 5.2 transmission efficiency:

With Bluetooth 5.2 technology, the earbuds provide a more stable signal and lower latency, ensuring a seamless audio experience.

Qualcomm QCC 3040 chip with aptX and CVC calls:

Equipped with the Qualcomm QCC 3040 chip, the earbuds support aptX technology for high-quality audio streaming. Additionally, the CVC calls reduce noise and enhance call clarity.

Dual mode functionality:

The unique dual mode allows users to switch between two different functions of one earphone. The Game Mode provides higher quality and lower latency performance, perfect for an improved gaming experience. The full output mode offers 3 frequency equalization for high analysis sound quality and better sound isolation for human voice instruments.

Long battery life and upgraded charging chamber:

The monaural earphones can be used for approximately 6 hours on a full charge, and the upgraded charging chamber provides 24 hours of navigation, eliminating any worries of running out of battery. The intelligent touch controls and lightweight design make it easy and convenient to operate, allowing users to quickly and effortlessly control the earbuds and enjoy their audio experience.