KZ AZ15 Upgrade Wireless Headphones Bluetooth-compatible 5.2 Cable Ear Hook

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The KZ-AZ15 Wireless Upgrade Headphones are the perfect combination of portability and quality. Equipped the latest Bluetooth 5.2 technology, this headphone upgrade cable enables wired earbuds to easily switch to HIFI true wireless earbuds. The integrated Qualcomm QCC3046 chip offers a remarkable speed, low- power consumption, and stable signals. This combination of advanced technologies results in a high-fidelity sound with excellent noise reduction capabilities.

The KZ-AZ15 upgrade headphones are a great way to take your listening experience to the next level. Battery performance is enhanced thanks to its 800mAh charging case, which offers 9 times the charging of both earbuds. Once fully charged, the headphones can last up to 48 hours. With three sound quality and sound-effect modes, you can personalize your audio experience. The ear hooks are lightweight and ergonomic in order to fit close to your ears, ensuring maximum comfort.

For those looking to upgrade their headphones with the latest technology without breaking the bank, KZ-AZ15 Upgrade Headphones are the perfect option. From low latency gaming mode, to a standard music mode and full power mode for bass-heavy tunes, you get more than just a wireless upgrade - you get an entire audio experience.


Switchable wired earphones:

The KZ-AZ15 Upgrade Wireless Headphones allow you to instantly turn your wired earphones into HIFI true wireless earphones using the 0.75mm interface Bluetooth module.

Bluetooth 5.2 technology:

The AZ15 Wireless Adapter Cable is based on Bluetooth 5.2, ensuring high-quality sound transmission and maintaining the sound quality of the original headphones.

Noise reduction function:

The Qualcomm QCC3046 chip used in the AZ15 Wireless Adapter Cable provides high-fidelity sound with CVC noise reduction technology, allowing for clearer voice calls and retaining more sound details.

High-performance battery:

The AZ15 Bluetooth IEM Headphone Cables offer approximately 6 hours of usage on a full single charge. The 800mAh charging case supports 9 times of recharging, providing more than 48 hours of music enjoyment on-the-go.

Three-mode sound quality and effects:

The AZ15 offers three different sound modes - Game Mode, Standard Music Mode, and Full Power Mode. These modes provide synchronized audio and video in game mode, transparent sound field in standard music mode, and stable connection and enhanced bass effect in full power mode.