KZ AS24 HiFi Earphone 24 BA Units High-end In-Ear balanced armature Earphones

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The KZ AS24 in-ear monitor headphones provide a full-bodied and natural sound experience with unprecedented clarity and powerful bass extension. This enhanced audio experience is made possible by KZ's second-generation balanced armature drivers, allowing you to truly break through the audio hardware ceiling. Customization is key, as the KZ AS24 offer two versions, Standard and Tunable. The Standard version offers a balanced audio performance while the Tunable version allows users to personalize their sound with dual tuners and eight level switches.

The meticulous craftsmanship of the KZ AS24 is evident in its construction. The lightweight metal front cover, sparkling diamond-cut bracket, and 3D-printed chamber reflect KZ's commitment to superior quality. Additionally, the innovative cable-removable design includes a limited slot around the pin to protect it from breaking. The high-purity silver-plated flat cable with oxygen-free copper core ensures efficient audio signal transmission for high-fidelity sound reproduction.

The KZ AS24 features not only optimized acoustic performance but also a comfortable wearing experience. Three pairs of silicone ear tips allow users to find the perfect fit and a one-button line control simplifies operation. Compatibility is further enhanced by the inclusion of a 0.75mm gold-plated socket. Finally, the 3.5mm gold-plated connector provides optimal signal transmission for a truly extraordinary musical experience. KZ offers superior audio quality and customized sound control with the AS24 in-ear monitor headphones.


Enhanced audio quality:

The KZ AS24 earphones feature an electronic frequency division system and reed structure design for a full-bodied and natural sound quality.

Powerful bass and superior treble:

The second-generation balanced armature drivers ensure deep bass and extended treble.

Standard and Tunable options:

The Standard version offers smooth and balanced audio, while the Tunable version allows for personalized sound adjustments using dual tuners and eight level switches.

High-quality construction:

The earphones have a precise and lightweight metal front cover, 3D-printed chamber, and comfortable ergonomic design.

Attention to detail and quality control:

Features include a cable-removable design, high-purity silver-plated flat cable, gold-plated connector, streamlined one-button line control, and multiple ear tip options for optimal fit and comfort.