KBEAR Ormosia 10mm Dynamic+Composite BA In Ear Monitor

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The KBEAR Ormosia Wired IEM Earbuds offer the perfect combination of sound quality, comfort and durability. They have been designed to offer superior audio performance and unparalleled sound quality and are easily tuned to create a unique auditory experience.

The KBEAR Ormosia is incredibly compact in size but is still able to pack a strong dynamic unit inside. The 4 core braided silver plated copper cable makes this pair of earbuds incredibly durable and also features a limit lock around the interface to ensure further sturdiness and to prevent any damage. The earbuds have been designed to be comfortable when worn in both the straight or over-ear way and you can adjust the sound according to your needs.

The KBEAR Ormosia also features original silicone ear tips (s/m/l) and 3 pairs of KBEAR 10 silicone ear tips (s/m/l). The set also includes a KBEAR carrying case for easy and safe storage, a cable clip for neatening up wires, a user manual for set-up and guidance and a 10mm dynamic+composite BA. The KBEAR Ormosia Wired IEM Earbuds are available with an MMCX interface, a frequency range of 20Hz-20kHz, a sensitivity of 105+3db, impedance of 16+ and a 3.5mm plug type. The cavity is made of Aluminum Alloy and the cable is made of SPC (Silver-plate Cover).


Compact Size:

The Ormosia Wired IEM Earbuds are small in size, making them easy to carry and use on the go.

Powerful Sound Performance:

With a strong dynamic unit and high capability in tuning, these earbuds deliver excellent sound quality, providing a whole new auditory experience.

Durable Cable:

The 4-core braided silver plated copper cable is designed to be sturdy and durable, with a limit lock around the interface to prevent damage.

Comfortable Wearing:

These earbuds can be worn in both straight and over-ear ways, ensuring a high level of comfort for the user. Note: Specific connection instructions apply for over-ear wearing.

Comprehensive Accessories:

The earbuds come with various accessories including a 4-core silver plated cable, multiple pairs of silicone ear tips, a carrying case, cable clip, and user manual, providing convenience and customization options for the user.