KBEAR KW1 Wooden Single With Microphone 6 Unit Dynamic Driver Stereo Earphones

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KBEAR's KW1 Wired Wood in Ear Monitor Headphones were made for music professionals who want an acoustic, warm sound from the natural materials of Ebonywoods. Founded by a Professional HiFi team, KBEAR designed the KW1 earphones to bring users a new inspiring music experience with their innovative and stylish earbuds. The wooden housing of the earphones are uniquely designed to fit to the natural curves of your ear for a secure and ergonomic fit and come with multiple types and sizes of tips for a personalized audio experience. The high definition built-in microphone and volume control blocks out external noise as well and ensures call quality and stable transmission.

The HiFi-level cable of the KBEAR KW1 Iems Earphones uses OFC Silver-Plated Cable to provide improved transparency, separation, and soundstage in order to give users a clear sound background with bright, clear, vocals and instruments. Aesthetic value is also a major factor to consider when looking at KBEAR's KW1 earphones. It's almost as if they were a piece of art, engineered for the highest quality audio experience. Steeped in KBEAR's philosophy of innovation and a stylish design, the KW1 earbuds blend seamlessly into any lifestyle while also enhancing it.

Built for music professionals and HiFi audiophiles who need the acoustic warmth of natural materials, KBEAR's KW1 Wired Wood in Ear Monitor Headphones are sure to bring a great listening experience with improved soundstage, built-in microphone and volume control, multiple types of tips for a personalized audio experience, and a unique aesthetic design that blends into any lifestyle. KBEAR's KW1 earbuds are sure to please even the pickiest of music professionals.


Made of Ebony Wood:

The KBEAR KW1 Wired Wood in Ear Monitor Headphones are made of Ebony Wood, known for its excellent acoustic properties, providing a warmer tone and better low-frequency response.

HiFi Sound Quality:

Developed by a Professional HiFi team, these headphones are designed to deliver the best sound quality, offering an immersive and inspiring music experience.

Comfortable and Secure Fit:

The wooden housing of these wired earphones is ergonomically designed to fit the natural curves of your ear, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit during extended wear. Different sizes and styles of tips are available for a personalized fit.

Noise Isolation and Clear Communication:

The built-in HD microphone, volume control, and internal sound-absorbing holes reduce external noise, ensuring clear communication in Zoom meetings and Skype calls. These earbuds also feature noise-canceling technology, allowing you to focus on your work.

High-Quality Cable:

The KW1 earbuds use an OFC Silver-Plated Cable, which enhances transparency, separation, and soundstage, resulting in a clear and detailed sound reproduction. The vocals and instruments are more vibrant, providing an enhanced listening experience.