JCALLY JM80E ES9280AC PRO DAC Chip Digital Audio Protable Amp

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Product Name:JM80E Digital Audio Protable Amplifier
DAC Chip:ESS ES9280AC Pro
PCM: 32bits/768kHz
ADC Recording Rate: 24bits/48kHz
DSD: DSD512(1bit 22.5mHz)
SNR: 120dB
DR: 120dB
Crosstalk: -80dB
Distortion: -105dB
FR: 20Hz-20kHz
Output voltage: 45mW@32Ω,6.7mW@600
Indicator: Stand by With Red Light, PCM With Green Light, DSD With Blue Light
Funcation: Listen to music, Phone call, Microphone
Conductor: Live Streaming,USB KEY,U KEY MIC, Selfie stick etc.
Cable Material:8 Cores OFC Silver Plated
Shell Material: Aluminum carving Shell
Color: Matte Silver
Cable Lenght:110mm±10mm