iF D5 Earphone 8mm Carbon Molecule Composite Diaphragm Driver IEMs

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iF D5 is equipped with a 8mm carbon molecule composite diaphragmdriver. It can completely cover the frequency response range of 20HZ-20KHZ. The low frequency is moderate in sense of volume and sound diving, and has a sufficient sense of dimension, creating a dynamic feeling and agreeable atmosphere. Vocals are slightly prominent in the medium frequency. The moderate thickness and a somewhat cool feeling can be very helpful in shaping the sound profile. The high frequency features a superb high-pitched tone, which is extremely smooth and agreeable.Suitable for different music genres and styles.

Exquisite Appearance:

The whole earphones are made of handmade transparent crystalline cavity material, and every color match is thoughtful, natural. The classic leaf vein faceplate design makes your earphones unique.Underneath the transparent appearance, there are precise components and hand-welded micro-circuits, which are also iF.'s demanding attention to detail and adherence to craftsmanship. The smooth mirror porcelain glaze coating brings a delicate touch and excellent anti-scratch performance.

Ergonomic Design:

The cavity is made based on large data of cochlea. It's scientifically molded to fit the ear like an customized earbuds. Comfortable to wear even with small ears. Even with vigorous exercise, it will still securely fit in the ear. Comfortable for long time wearing as well. It also has an excellent noise reduction effect which can easily isolate 30-50dB noise.

IP21Waterproof And Dustproof:

IP21waterproof and dustproof thanks to the sealed cavity and glazed coating,IP21 waterproof rating offers more possibility to use for sports or even in the rain. the earphones are more durable and suitable for many environments.

Interchangeable Cable Design:

Adopt standard MMCX connector, it can be replaced with other earphone cable and turned into TWS earbubs in seconds. Get more sound quality experience, matching the mainstream IEM in the market.


> Frequency response:20-20KHz
> Sensitivity: 100dB
> Plug: 3.5mm
> Impedance: 16ohms
> Distortion Rate:≤0.5%
> Noise reduction:30dB
> Driverunit: 8mm Carbon Molecule Composite DiaphragmDriver