HZSOUND Bell rhyme Φ15MM Dynamic Driver HIFI Earphones

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The HZ SOUND Rhyme earphones are perfect for serious music listeners, machined from premium 15mm HiFi dynamic driver units with a high performance rubidium magnet powering your music. With a self-molded speaker cover and self-developed speaker bracket, the sound quality delivered by these earphones is flattering and enjoyable.  A polymer composite diaphragm ensures that the sound quality remains consistent, and simulation software has been used to calculate the density and size of the opening for a harmonious sound signature.

The air wires are made with high purity OFC cable to ensure the sound quality is faithfully transmitted during its journey to your ears. The earphone casing is crafted from aviation grade aluminum alloy in a black matte finish and comes equipped with a -high quality microphone and a convenient line control for clear calling quality, compatibility with both Android and iOS devices. The left earphone is marked with an ‘L’ symbol while the right one is marked with an ‘R’ and the earphones come with stock foam eartips to improve the sound quality.

Combining practicality with a luxurious feel, the HZ SOUND Rhyme earphones are perfect for long listening sessions while providing maximum comfort of wearing. With its high performance rubidium magnet driver, polymer composite diaphragm and clear calling quality, this pair of earphones is a must-have for anyone in pursuit of a superior sound experience.


15mm High Performance Rubidium Magnet Driver Unit:

The dynamic driver unit ensures powerful sound reproduction with enhanced bass response.

Self-molded Speaker Cover:

The unique self-molded speaker cover design enhances sound insulation and prevents sound leakage, resulting in improved audio quality.

Simulation Software for Opening Design:

By utilizing simulation software, the earphones calculate the density and size of the opening to achieve optimal sound performance and acoustic balance.

Self-developed Speaker Bracket:

The specially developed speaker bracket enhances the stability and accuracy of sound reproduction, resulting in a more immersive and enjoyable listening experience.

Polymer Composite Diaphragm:

The use of a polymer composite diaphragm enhances sound clarity and accuracy, enabling users to enjoy a harmonious and pleasant sound signature.