HarmonicDyne Nickel Diaphragm Dynamic Drivers Open-Back Headphones

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Nickel Diaphragm Dynamic Driver:

While beryllium has been hailed as the king of diaphragm materials so far, the molecular composition of nickel proves to be a much superior metal for the conductance of sound. With four times the density and more than double the tensile strength of beryllium, purified nickel is a much stiffer and responsive diaphragm material, allowing greater clarity and articulation with reduced distortion in the low frequencies. Most nickel-based drivers used in audio products are nickel-alloys, meaning they have been mixed with other inferior metals to reduce production costs. However, the Poseidon utilizes only the purest laboratory-grade nickel, producing an extremely well controlled frequency response with unparalleled technical performance.

Ultra-High Resolution Audio:

With a frequency response of 10Hz to 40kHz, the Poseidon presents an incredibly extended dynamic range that is far beyond that which is perceptible by the human ear. We wanted to present a sound that was both accurate and musical. From the previous Zeus model, the low-end has been further extended, providing a greater sub-bass impact beginning from 10Hz. Combined with the form factor of an open-back design, the sound has a surreal airy character and lifelike soundstage. The resulting experience is a true subwoofer rumble that is both powerful and quick, thanks to the stiffness of the nickel diaphragm driver. The responsiveness of the new driver also means a higher caliber of clarity and detail retrieval in the mid-range and treble. The Poseidon is acoustically poised to play back your music at the highest degree of resolution possible.

Open-Back Design:

As its name suggests, the HarmonicDyne Poseidon presents a natural, detailed, and balanced sound that allows you to feel an incredible connection and transparency to the music. The power of our new custom drivers, matched with our expertise tuning makes for an amazing sound. Add this to the custom driver cavity and open-back design, and you've got acoustics that can parallel any studio recording room! By precisely tuning how much airflow occurs through the front and back cavities, we are able to recreate a lifelike image of the soundstage. The additional airflow compared to closed-back headphones further means an airier acoustic atmosphere. Escape from your daily routines and engross yourself in the music.

Maple and Stainless Steel Design:

Designed with the highest-quality materials for the stainless steel headband, the Poseidon feels extremely secure and durable. All of the metal pieces are powder coated, meaning the paint job won't scratch or peel off. The headband itself is made with several layers of resonant damping polymers, ensuring you cloud-like comfort and a secure fit. The lightweight yet durable design means that your long listening sessions will be sonically and physically enjoyable - without the pressure.

Ergonomic Ear Pads:

The innovative and ergonomically designed ear pads are crafted of high quality nanometer suede cushions, an ultra-lightweight and ultra-comfortable material that makes for a comfortable wear. Its geometric inner membrane design ensures a perfect seal for those tight basslines, while permitting airflow so your ears don't get too stuffy.


> Type: Wired Headphone , Open-back design
> Driver: 50mm Nickel Coated diaphragm Dynamic Driver
> Impedance: 64 Ohm
> THD: <0.2 % (1000 Hz , 1mw
> Sensitivity: 103± 2dB @ 1000Hz
> Cable: 2m XLR- 4 Balanced cable (Additional XLR to 6.35mm cable adapter)
> Weight: 380g w/o Cable
> Size: 200 *180 *100mm
> RAW material: Maple Wood