Gold Planar GOLDEN LARK GL12 Planar Diaphragm HiFi In-ear Earphone

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GOLDPLANAR GL12 adopts a large size driver, 12.5mm planar diaphragm, along with ultra-thin nanometer diaphragm to present excellent dynamic performance and detailed positioning. Patented N52 neodymium compensational double magnetic circuit provides high efficiency while pushing forward the sensitivity to 108dB, a level that's hard to reach in this industry. With unique structural design, GL12 maintains low distortion as other types of earphones. You are able to enjoy a high fidelity sound

Replaceable Filter Tubes:

We understand different needs and preferences, thus we have included two types of filter tubes in the package. The narrow 3.8mm filter tube provides more bass while 4.4mm broad filter tube is better at high frequency. With the included filter mesh, even with the broad 4.4mm tube you can enjoy a favorable bass and satisfying highs.

Aviation Aluminum Alloy Shell, Lightweight and Comfortable:

GL12 adopts aviation aluminum alloy for the shell. With anodizing process, the surface feels smooth but also a little textured and luxurious. Even designed with this type of shell, it weighs only about 6.5g each earbud. Lightweight and comfortable to wear even for long time with less microphonics and it's also suitable for female who has a smaller ear.

Detachable OFC Silver-plated 4.4mm Balanced Cable:

Speaking of the cable, GOLD PLANAR never fails. GL12 comes with high quality OFC silver-plated cable, designed in 4.4mm balanced plug and 0.78mm 2Pin gold-plated connector. 1.2m cable is long and soft enough to meet most needs. Special litz braiding structure ensures stable transmission while also being high-end and soft. Despite that, the hot-bending pre-shaped earhook is much more comfortable than traditional earphones.

Easy to Drive, Balanced Sound:

As a planar earphone, GL12 is also easy to drive because of its high sensitivity. The semi-open style provides balanced three frequencies, broad sound stage, excellent details while also being full of layers. With enough driving force, you will not feel it's an earphone but like a headphone. The glamour is there and get to experience it now


> Driver: 12.5mm planar diaphragm
> Style: semi-open style
> Impedance: 20ohms
> Sensitivity: 108dB/mw
> THD: <0.5%@20-20KHz
> Frequency range:20Hz ~50KHz
> Magnet type:N52neodymium
> Earphone type: wired earphone
> Connector: 0.78mm 2Pin
> Cable material: high purity OFC silver-plated 4.4mm balanced cable
> Earbud weight: 6.49g/each
> Cable length: 1.2m