FiiO FT3 Wired Headphone 60mm High-Performance Dynamic Driver Open-Back Headset

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The FiiO FT3 Wired Headphone offers superior sound quality and a wide sound field thanks to its large 2.4 inches (60mm) dynamic driver. This powerful driver resists distortion even when large signals are inputted, and it offers clear, full-bodied sound, up to 40,000 Hz. To ensure a premium listening experience, the FT3 features Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) Vibration Edition with Beryllium Coating Edge, offering superior stiffness and distortion reduction across the entire frequency range.

The FT3 also has an open air design, allowing the back pressure from the driver unit to escape into the outside environment. This reduces any unwanted vibrations and creates a wider sound field, resulting in more detailed expression and natural, expansive sound.   Additionally, the acoustic reflection chip inside the housing properly guides the sound wave generated from the driver for ideal frequency characteristics.

To take the audio to the next level, the FT3 is outfitted with two Neodymium Magnets of N52 grade, with a strong magnetic flux. These are placed symmetrically outside and inside of the driver unit, providing more density to the magnetic flux that drives the voice coil. This gives you the ability to properly control the vibration wave movement, letting you get a bigger amount of energy when you need it. With all these features, the FiiO FT3 Wired Headphone provides crystal clear sound and a wide soundscape, giving you the best listening experience possible.


60mm High-Performance Dynamic Driver:

The FiiO FT3 Wired Headphone features a large 60 mm dynamic driver that delivers powerful and high-quality sound.

Diamond-like Carbon Vibration Edition:

The headphone utilizes a vibration version made of Diamond-like Carbon material, providing excellent rigidity and distortion reduction.

Open-Back Design:

The FT3 has an open-back design that helps create a wider sound field and delivers natural and expansive sound.

Detailed Acoustic Structure:

The driver unit is positioned at an angle to reduce high-frequency loss and unwanted reflections within the housing, resulting in pure and accurate sound delivery.

Internal and External Magnetic Circuit Design:

Equipped with two neodymium magnets and an asymmetrical magnetic circuit design, the FT3 headphone effectively controls vibration wave movement and delivers an energy-packed audio experience.