FiiO FH3 2BA+1DD Knowles Beryllium-plated Dynamic Hybrid Driver In-ear Earphone

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FH3 Redefined FHE Earbuds are a completely new tuning overhaul, aiming to bring back big bass to the audiophile community. The Eclipse has been tuned with more bass power compared to its predecessors and is one of the bassiest in the market in terms of volume at the lowest octaves. With a controlled rise only starting from 350 Hz and below, this earbud has a large bass presence without sacrificing other frequencies or interfering with important melodies.

The Eclipse is also tuned to Crinacle's proprietary "IEF Neutral'' target from the mids up. This means that every instrument in your tunes will be heard in its most natural state - no matter the genre. To help achieve this, the earbuds have two dynamic drivers. The 10mm beryllium-plated dynamic driver has a Knowles ED30262 for mid frequencies and a Knowles RAD33518 for treble frequencies.

Our FH3 Redefined FHE Earbuds provide the perfect balance between big bass and natural sound. With its powerful and refined sound, these earbuds will deliver an experience you won't soon forget. Whether you're looking for a deep bass line, smooth mids, or precise highs, these earbuds have it all. Its cutting edge sound makes it an ideal choice for all music lovers, ensuring that you enjoy every song to the fullest.


Big Bass:

The FH3 Redefined FHE Earbuds are designed to bring back the trending big bass to the audiophile community with a completely new tuning overhaul known as the "Eclipse."

Bass Refined:

These earbuds have a more powerful bass compared to their predecessors, making them one of the bassiest options in the market. However, the bass is finely tuned to ensure it does not overshadow important melodies.

Controlled Rise:

The "Eclipse" keeps the basslines free from important melodies by having a controlled rise in bass frequency, starting only from 350Hz and below. This allows for a rumbling bass experience without any unwanted bleed into other frequencies.

Mids Sublime:

In addition to the bass, these earbuds also prioritize the mids. They are tuned to Crinacle's proprietary "IEF Neutral" target, ensuring that every instrument sounds natural and balanced.

High-Quality Drivers:

The FH3 Redefined FHE Earbuds feature high-quality drivers. They include a 10mm beryllium-plated dynamic driver for enhanced bass, Knowles ED30262 for mid frequencies, and Knowles RAD33518 for high frequencies. This combination ensures a well-rounded sound experience with clear and accurate audio reproduction across all frequencies.