FiiO FH11 HiFi 1DD+1BA Hybrid Driver In-ear IEM Earphone

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The FiiO FD11 earbuds are the perfect choice for vocal-heavy, folk music lovers. With a warm and pleasing sound signature, these precision-engineered earbuds have deep bass and smooth mids and treble. The carbon-based dynamic drivers, double-magnet design, extended acoustic-damping-flute design and 0.78mm detachable cables make this headset suitable for comfortable all-day listening.

The FD11 earbuds feature liquid metal die-cast housing and tempered-glass faceplates. The combination of metal and glass acts like a sound barrier, ensuring you get a clean and clear sound. The magnet structure of the double-magnet design ensures a reduction in distortion and improved response speed while retaining a high-quality, low-noise sound signature. The 0.78mm detachable cables provide superior sound performance and are designed to last longer than standard cables.

The FiiO FD11 earbuds are a great choice for vocal-heavy, folk music lovers who demand excellent audio performance. With its warm and pleasant sound signature, you can experience the perfect balance between deep bass, smooth mids and treble. By combining the carbon-based dynamic drivers, double-magnet design, and liquid metal die-cast housing with tempered-glass faceplates, the sound produced is pristine and detailed. On top of all that, the 0.78mm detachable cables make it a great headset for comfortable all-day use.


Improved Mids and Lows Control:

The FiiO FD11 earbuds feature double acoustic back chambers that enhance the control of mids and lows, resulting in a balanced and detailed sound.

Detachable Cable:

The earbuds come with a 0.78mm detachable cable in silver, allowing for easy replacement or customization according to individual preferences.

Sound Signature:

Designed for vocal-heavy and folk music lovers, the FD11 earbuds offer a sound signature characterized by deep lows, smooth mids, and treble, providing a pleasant listening experience.

Carbon-Based Dynamic Drivers:

The FD11 earbuds utilize carbon-based dynamic drivers, known for their higher hardness, light weight, and lower distortion, delivering accurate and clear sound reproduction.

Enhanced Response Speed and Driveability:

The "double-magnet" design, with coil inner magnet and outer magnet, improves response speed, while stronger magnets make the earbuds easier to drive. This ensures faster and more accurate audio reproduction.