FiiO FF5 1DD 14.2mm Carbon-based Dynamic Driver Earbuds

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The FiiO FF5 1DD 14.2mm Carbon-based Dynamic Driver Earbuds offer remarkable sound clarity with genre-leading bass extension. The large 14.2mm beryllium-coated diaphragm provides rich, full sound with great detail and extension. These earbuds also feature the twist-lock swappable plug, allowing for an easy switch between 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.4mm heads in a wide range of scenarios. Additionally, the 3D printing manufacturing technologies that have been used for creating the unique design are well-suited to the creation of the acoustic bass tube, which effectively boosts lower frequencies.

The FF5 earbuds also feature a high-purity sterling silver cable that offers gobs of detail to come through, providing a vivid sound which is highly enjoyable. With the help of this quality cable, the low frequencies sound solid and deep, whilst the treble remains crystal clear without container or fatigue. Furthermore, the headphones come with 4 pairs of eartips, 3 pairs of leather ear-hooks, and 2 pairs of memory foam eartips. All of this makes for an ultimate listening experience.

The FiiO FF5 1DD 14.2mm Carbon-based Dynamic Driver Earbuds is an all-in-one sound solution that provides perfect balance and clarity while remaining lightweight and portable. These earbuds offer a balanced and simultaneously organic yet modern sound, and with the twist-lock plug, you can switch between different connection types so you can enjoy premium sound however you want and wherever you go. Best of all, the ergonomically designed earbuds compliment your ears for a comfortable and secure fit, allowing for long-term listening sessions.


14.2mm beryllium-coated dynamic driver:

The large diaphragm ensures well-extended, well-textured, and plentiful bass, providing a rich audio experience.

Bass-enhancing acoustic flute design:

The special acoustic bass tube boosts lower frequencies, making the bass solid and deep, enhancing the overall quality of the sound.

Twist-lock swappable plug:

The ability to switch between different plug sizes (2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm) allows for compatibility with a wide range of audio devices, making it versatile and convenient.

High-purity sterling silver cable:

The upgraded cable with high conductivity not only delivers detailed sound but also provides an enjoyable, vivid listening experience.

DLP 3D printing technology:

The use of the latest 3D printing technology allows for a seamless design that combines classic and modern aesthetics, creating a visually appealing and unique earbud design.