FiiO FD11 Earphones High performance Dynamic Driver IEMs Earbuds

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The FiiO FD11 High Performance Dynamic Driver IEMs Earbuds is a great choice for those who enjoy vocal-heavy music such as folk. It has a V-shaped sound with bass boost and features carbon-based dynamic drivers for faster response speed. The FD11 also has a double-magnet design with stronger magnets, making it easier to drive. The IEMs also have liquid metal die-cast housing, which inhibits resonance for improved sound. The exterior of the FD11 is carefully crafted with mirrored surfaces, tempered-glass faceplates and 0.78mm connectors.

The sound signature of the FD11 is mainly directed at those who enjoying vocal-heavy music like folk. The bass is deep and has a good extension with a mild boost. The mids are detailed with good clarity, while the highs are not overly bright nor overly tamed. With the double acoustic back chambers, the mids and lows are further improved and have more control, making the FD11 ideal for vocal-heavy genres. With 0.78mm detachable cables and 3.5mm plug-in, the FD11 is also a great choice for musicians and singers.

The FD11 is a great pair of IEMs for vocal-lovers and is designed with the musician and singer in mind. The high performance dynamic drivers allow for improved response speed, while liquid metal die-cast housing improves sound clarity and quality. The double acoustic back chambers ensure deeper and more controlled mid and low frequencies, while the 0.78mm detachable cables and 3.5mm plug-in provides easy access to any compatible device. Overall, the FiiO FD11 is great for vocal-heavy genres and is a great choice for musicians and singers alike.


Double acoustic back chambers:

These chambers enhance mids and lows control, delivering improved sound quality and balance.

Mild V-shaped sound with bass boost:

The FD11 offers a pleasant sound signature with a slight emphasis on bass, making it a great choice for vocal-heavy and folk music genres.

Carbon-based dynamic drivers:

These drivers provide higher hardness, light weight, and lower distortion, resulting in clearer and more accurate audio reproduction.

Improved response speed:

The "double-magnet" design and stronger magnets improve the driver's responsiveness, ensuring a quick and precise sound reproduction.

Liquid metal die-cast housing:

The housing material effectively reduces resonance and enhances the overall sound clarity. Additionally, the mirror-finished surface and tempered-glass faceplates give the earbuds a stylish and durable look.