Effect Audio X Elysian Acoustic Labs GAEA Hybrid 1DD+4BA In-Ear Monitor

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In pursuit of designing an extraordinary experience for the listeners, Effect Audio in collaboration with Elysian Acoustic Labs has designed the all-new Gaea. It's a five-driver hybrid premium in-ear monitor that features a powerful dynamic driver and four high-performance balanced armature drivers arranged together in a 4-way frequency crossover. The pair gets outstandingly beautiful solid-stabilized wooden face covers!! Enjoy an all-new level of awesome sound with the brand-new Effect Audio x Elysian Acoustic Labs Gaea!!

The Divine Connection:

According to Greek mythology, Gaea is the goddess of earth, she is the mother of all life and controls all 4 elements of nature. Effect Audio & Elysian Acoustic Labs have tuned the pair together to bring a divine sound experience with ultimate female vocals and excellent resolution throughout a wide frequency band!!

Five-Driver Hybrid Configuration:

Gaea is designed with a five-driver custom hybrid configuration on each side. The pair houses a custom-developed dynamic driver unit paired with four premium Sonion balanced armature drivers. Effect Audio and Elysian Acoustic Labs have together tuned the pair for an unparalleled sound performance. The drivers are arranged in a four-way frequency crossover for top-quality performance.

Specially Developed DiVe Pass II Dual Ventilation System:

Gaea adopts the second generation of the DiVe Pass Air Ventilation technology. It improves over the OG that is utilized on the ultimate flagship Elysian Annihilator and introduces independent vents that eliminate the reverberation of the back chamber and also provide optimal pressure relief in the front chamber. This greatly reduces driver flex issues and also unleashes the full bass potential of the dynamic driver unit.

Premium Stock Cable & Internal Wiring Specially Designed by Effect Audio:

All internal wiring for the Gaea has been specially designed and custom applied by Effect Audio. Effect Audio has also designed its custom stock cable that is crafted with high-purity UP-OCC Copper Litz and UP-OCC Silver-Plated Copper Litz hybrid structure. The cable adopts Effect Audio's proprietary Pentaconn connectors that offer a stable connection with the Earphones. You can choose your preferred termination at the time of purchasing the Gaea.

Outstanding Craftsmanship With Premium Solid-Stabilised Wooden Faceplates:

Gaea has been crafted with top-quality components to match its premium status. The shells here are crafted using solid-stabilized rare maple wood material on the face plates and skin-friendly lightweight resin cavities. The pair is not only robust but also has a lightweight, ergonomic design for a comfortable fit!!