Effect Audio Fusion1 / Fusion 1 Earphone Cable

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The Marvels of Material Alchemy:

Contains the most amount of material and geometries in Effect Audio’s cable-making history.   Newly designed dual Gold-plated Silver material blend previously only seen in our Top of the Line flagship cables like Mars (2015) and Horus (2018), which elevates the audio experience by infusing it with an enchanting brilliance and refined tonal richness.

Premium UP-OCC Pure silver materials push the boundaries of maximum clarity and hyper-resolution.   Close to half a dozen copper variations, each meticulously executed throughout all 3 layers of a new Tri-Strata Layering (TSL) geometry, striking a perfect harmony between immersive warmth and astonishing resolution.   Includes an alternate variant of a pure solid core copper from CODE 23, carefully engineered to provide ergonomic comfort without compromising on sound quality.

Supreme Resolution and Enchanted Immersion:

High resolution that recreates the details of each note, providing an immersive experience of every action unfolding right before your eyes.  Combines a detailed and powerful bass with outstanding clarity, arriving at a harmonious equilibrium through our proprietary fusion blend that sounds vibrant yet comforting.  Wide and enveloping soundstage that offers a lifelike and engaging listening experience.

Singular Beauty and Divine Form:

Exudes exotic elegance with its beautifully alternating spirals of rose gold and bright, light gold patterns, allowing for the beauty of the pure and majestic silver to shine forth.  Uses rare and precious metals such as gold that provide the most luxurious of leisures and an exotic release of smooth natural timbres.  Unique ergonomic advantage, providing flexibility and comfort over the Solid Core CODE 23.

Treasure among Ancients:

Tales about the Ancient Wonders of the world evoke a sense of wonder and awe, as if an ancient, mystical force enabled their creation and enduring appeal, despite the seeming impossibility in their time.

Fusion 1 represents a unique fusion of the virtues embodied by each of the Seven Ancient Wonders.   The proprietary alchemic combination of the highest amount of material variations in our history - doubling down on the Pure Silver and luxurious Gold-plated Silver alongside a carefully calculated ratio of close to a half a dozen Copper variations (including an improved ergonomic Solid Core Copper) to balance it out.   The Pure Silver and Gold-plated Silver material blend presents a uniquely exotic and immersive sonic experience that envelops the listener with its wide all-encompassing soundstage featuring unparalleled resolution.   Experience a harmonious concord between powerful, hypnotic resonance and enchanting, highly detailed treble energy with a smooth timber finish that will please your senses!


> Selected Premium UP-OCC Material Gold Plated Silver Litz, Pure Silver Litz, and Pure Copper Litz Hybrid
> Proprietary Tri-Strata Layering Fusion Mix
> 40 Multi-sized Core Bundles with a new Solid Core Design
> Customized Multi-sized Strands Blend
> 21 AWG 2 Wires >EA Ultra Flexi™ Insulation
> ConX® Basic Sets Interchangeable Connector / Plug System By Default
> Two Termination Options: TermX™ Basic Sets and Pentaconn OFC 4.4mm