DUNU TITAN S In-ear Earphone IEM 11mm Dynamic Driver Earbuds

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The DUNU TITAN S Ear Earphones (IEM) are a remarkable audio solution that elevates your listening experience to a completely new level. These earbuds feature an impressive 11mm dynamic driver, which is larger than the average earphone driver, resulting in a powerful, full-range sound reproduction. Designed with precision and attention to detail, the TITAN S offers a balanced sound signature, ensuring clarity across the entire frequency spectrum. Whether you're into bass-heavy tracks, intricate melodies, or clear vocals, these earphones deliver with finesse. Their ergonomic design provides a comfortable and secure fit, while the detachable cables make them versatile and easy to replace. With a focus on both durability and exceptional sound quality, the DUNU TITAN S In-ear Earphones are a fantastic choice for audiophiles and music enthusiasts seeking a reliable and high-performance audio companion.

11mm Dynamic Driver:

The standout feature of the DUNU TITAN S is its 11mm dynamic driver. This driver size is notably larger than the standard drivers found in most earphones are, and it is the heart of what makes the TITAN S special. The generous driver size ensures a rich, full-bodied sound with a deep, resonant bass response, clear mids, and crisp highs.

Balanced Sound Signature:

The TITAN S does not just stop at a powerful bass response; it's designed for a balanced sound signature. The meticulous tuning of these earphones ensures that you experience music as the artist intended it. Every element, from vocals to instruments, is beautifully articulated, giving you a clear and enjoyable listening experience.

Detachable Cables:

Versatility is another strong point of the TITAN S. These earphones come with detachable cables, which means you can easily swap out cables for replacement or upgrades. This feature ensures that your investment in these IEMs remains future-proof, adapting to your changing needs.

Premium Build Quality:

The DUNU is known for its commitment to quality, and the TITAN S is no exception. These earphones are meticulously crafted using premium materials and an attention to detail that is second to none. They are built to withstand daily wear and tear while maintaining their premium look and feel.

Audiophile-Grade Sound:

The TITAN S is designed to cater to audiophiles and music enthusiasts who demand uncompromising sound quality. With an 11mm dynamic driver, they reproduce music with stunning fidelity, capturing the subtlest details and delivering powerful, emotive sound that resonates with your soul.

> IMPEDANCE: 32 Ω at 1 kHz
> SENSITIVITY: 110 dB ± 1 dB at 1 kHz
> LENGTH: 1.2m ± 0.1m
> MATERIAL: High-Purity, Mixed Strand Monocrystalline Copper & Silver-Plated Copper
> CABLE CONNECTOR: 0.78 mm 2-Pin
> PLUG TERMINATION: 3.5 mm TRS Single-Ended
> DRIVE MODULE: 11 mm Dynamic Driver with Polycondensated Crystal Polymer Diaphragm
> HOUSING MATERIAL: High-Density Zinc Alloy
> NET WEIGHT: 17 g