DD ddHiFi TC35C USB-C to 3.5mm Headphone Adapter

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DD ddHiFi TC35C USB-C to 3.5mm Headphone Adapter is a nifty little device that solves a common problem for modern smartphone users. As phones ditch the headphone jack in favor of USB-C ports, many of us are left with our beloved 3.5mm headphones that no longer plug in. That is where the TC35C comes in. Not only does it restore your audio connection, but the TC35C also promises high-quality sound transmission with minimal signal loss. It is an excellent solution for those who don't want to give up their trusted wired headphones or who prefer a wired connection for superior audio quality. Say goodbye to compatibility woes with the DD ddHiFi TC35C USB-C to 3.5mm Headphone Adapter.

Universal Compatibility:

The TC35C is compatible with a wide range of USB-C devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more. Whether you have an Android device, a MacBook, or any other USB-C equipped gadget, this adapter has you covered. Do not compromise on audio quality. The TC35C is designed to provide exceptional sound transmission, delivering your music with clarity and precision. Say goodbye to crackling or distortion and enjoy your music the way it was meant to be heard.

Compact and Portable:

Measuring just a few inches, this adapter is incredibly compact and lightweight. Slip it into your pocket, bag, or even attach it to your keychain using the built-in loop for ultimate portability. Take your music with you wherever you go.


No need for complicated setups or software installations. The TC35C is a true plug-and-play device. Simply connect it to your USB-C port and plug in your 3.5mm headphones - you are ready to enjoy your music in seconds. Built to withstand daily use, the TC35C features a robust construction with a high-quality USB-C connector and a sturdy 3.5mm audio jack. It is designed to last, ensuring a reliable connection for a long time to come.

Versatile Use:

Beyond just music, this adapter is also perfect for watching videos, making hands-free calls, or gaming with your favorite headphones. It is a versatile accessory that enhances your audio experience across various applications. Instead of replacing your trusty 3.5mm headphones with expensive USB-C alternatives, the TC35C offers an affordable and practical solution. Save money while continuing to enjoy your favorite audio accessories.