CCA PLA13 Planar Metal Wired Headphone In Ear Monitor

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The CCA PLA13 wired IEM earphones offer audiophiles the ultimate listening experience. These earphones boast an industry-first 13.2mm planar magnetic driver for fast transients, an exceptionally detailed frequency band and a spacious soundstage. This pair has been designed and tuned by an expert acoustic engineering team to produce a superior sound, ensuring audiophiles enjoy every note with clarity.

The ergonomic construction of these earphones is perfect for comfortable wear. They’re made of a lightweight, skin-friendly resin material with aluminum alloy panels, while the silver-plated connector offers superior signal transmission with reduced signal loss. The included high-definition condenser microphone provides clear, noiseless calls, and is enabled with an easy to use control button for all functions. To top it all off, every pair includes a complimentary earphone case to protect from scratches, rain, water and dust.

The CCA PLA13 earphones are the perfect choice for audio-lovers seeking superior sound quality, from their music to their calls. With a high-quality stock silver-plated cable and an ergonomic design, these IEMs offer a great fit and superior sound. And with the complimentary earphone case, audiophiles are guaranteed a safe and protected listening experience with CCA PLA13 Wired IEM earphones.


Large 13.2mm planar magnetic driver:

The CCA PLA13 features an industry-first planar magnetic driver that delivers outstanding sound with fast transients and perfect details in music.

HD microphone:

The high-definition condenser microphone ensures clear and noiseless calls. The in-line control button allows for easy operation of all functions.

Ergonomic design:

The PLA13's ears are made of a skin-friendly resin material with aluminum alloy panels. Its elegant design and ergonomic shape make it comfortable to wear.

High purity silver plated cable:

The PLA13 is equipped with a high-quality stock cable that has a silver-plated connector and a 3.5mm termination. The silver-plated layer enhances resolution and reduces signal loss during transmission.

Complimentary earphone case:

The PLA13 comes with a complimentary earphone case made of high-quality leatherette material. It protects the IEMs from scratches, rain/water, and dust, and has a unique appearance suitable for carrying.