CCA HM20 Hybrid Technology 1DD+7BA HiFi Wired Earphone In Ear Monitor

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The CCA HM20 HiFi Wired Earphones are the perfect choice for music aficionados looking to immerse themselves in rich, detailed sound. Standard gold-plated 0.75mm 2PIN connector allows for easy upgrade to wireless versions with CCA BTX. An ergonomic design mixed with an exquisite hybrid technology of 1DD+7BA ensures ear comfort and superior sonic accuracy with every listen experience.

The 3D printed sound duct structure is designed to provide a more balanced sound that helps minimize distortion. Metal die-casting and polishing coupled with a complex 27 step process results in an iconic rock-solid design worthy of military standard hardness. Further sound optimization is achieved by the innovative ‘xun-7’ dynamic driver with a magnet gap of only 0.15mm, greatly decreasing distortion.

The HM20’s signature sound has a wide soundstage with a rich bass, clear vocal reproduction and smooth treble. Three pairs of different sized ear tips provide a customizable fit for those looking for a snug seal. Whether a fan of rock, country, rap, or classics, the HM20 earphones bring the concert right to the listener’s ears.


3D Printed Sound Duct Structure:

The CCA HM20 earphones feature a unique 3D printed sound duct structure that improves the precision of the coil movement and eliminates distortion in the sound output.

Mosaic Crafts Design:

The earpieces of the CCA HM20 are made using a high-precision metal die-casting process and undergo 27 complex processes such as polishing, sandblasting, and electroplating. This results in a dazzling appearance comparable to luxury jewelry and a strong and durable construction.

"Xun-7" Dynamic Driver:

The CCA HM20 utilizes the innovative "xun-7" dynamic driver with a stronger magnetic high-performance diaphragm. This technology provides better magnetic flux conversion compared to traditional dynamic drivers, resulting in improved sound quality and reduced distortion.

Stereo Surround Hifi Audio:

The sound signature of the CCA HM20 earphones is characterized by a wide soundstage and rich details. It offers powerful bass, clear vocals, and smooth treble extension for a more immersive listening experience.

Ergonomic Design:

The CCA HM20 earphones are designed to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. They feature an around-the-ear wearing style that is close to the ear socket , reducing the chances of them falling off. Additionally, they come with three pairs of different-sized ear tips to accommodate different individuals. The earphones also feature a 0.75mm standard gold-plated 2 PIN connector, allowing for easy upgrading to the wireless version with the CCA BTX.