CCA CS16 16BA Units HIFI In Ear Earphones DJ Sports Headphone

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The CCA CS16 16BA In Ear Monitor Headphones are designed to provide a professional hi-fi earphone experience that is unrivaled. The 8 balanced fixtures per side ensures a wealth of sound detail and a wide dynamic range for an immersive audio experience. Comfort and sound insulation are at the heart of the design of the CS16, with an ergonomic fit that gives you a comfortable but stable wearing experience, whilst the advanced physical noise cancellation reduces at least 90% of background noise, making it perfect for loud environments.

The CS16 is also designed to maximize sound quality, with a moderately forward soundstage and fairly distributed sound across the width and depth of the soundscape that creates a vibrant feel to your music, whatever the genre. The sound quality of the CS16 is further improved by its 2 pin detachable cable which is designed with a unique slot protection system to prevent pin breakages and extend the life of the interface. The gold-plated detachable cable can also easily be replaced for maintenance or an upgrade for improved sound quality.

The CCA CS16 16BA In Ear Monitor Headphones are the perfect choice for those looking for a professional grade hi-fi experience. The comfort and sound insulation make them perfect for outdoor sports and noisy environments, whilst the improved sound and detail provide a pleasant and immersive experience for the listener. Improved 2 pin detachable cables ensure a longer life for the earphones, and can easily be replaced if an upgrade is desired.


Professional Hi-Fi Earphone:

The CCA CS16 is designed for professional use, delivering high-level sound quality with 8 balanced fixtures per side.

Amazing Sound Quality:

The CS16 earbuds provide a wide dynamic range and detailed sound functions, creating a pleasant soundstage with moderate forward projection.

Comfort and Sound Insulation:

The ergonomic fit ensures a comfortable and stable wearing experience, reducing the chances of the earbuds falling out. Additionally, physical noise cancellation reduces at least 90% of external noise for a disturbance-free experience.

Improved 2-Pin Detachable Cable:

The CS16 is equipped with a 2-pin slot protection design, preventing the pin from breaking and extending the interface's lifespan. The gold-plated detachable cable allows for easy replacement, maintenance, and upgrades.

Suitable for Outdoors and Noisy Environments:

With its noise-canceling feature, the CS16 is a perfect choice for outdoor activities, running, and environments with high background noise levels.