CCA CC4 1DD + 1BA Hybrid Drive Bluetooth Qualcomm 5.2 TWS Hedset

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The CCA CC4 Bluetooth Qualcomm 5.2 TWS headset is a perfect choice for those who want amazing sound quality.  Featuring a customized version of 30019 balanced armature and 10mm polymer composite diaphragm, the CC4 delivers a strong bass and clear mid and high-pitched notes, providing a full, vibrant, and contagious sound.  With its wide sound field and shocking audio performance, the CC4 makes watching movies feel as though you're in the cinema.

The convenience of the CCA CC4 also stands out.  Enabled with touch control, the earbuds are easy to operate, and their lightness and ergonomic design make them comfortable to wear for long periods.  Moreover, each earbud provides 6 hours of battery life and the charging case offers up to 18 hours of music time, eliminating the need to always charge.

The CCA CC4 also has a high-performance game mode that offers faster audio transmission speeds when playing games.  Whether listening to music, listening to podcasts, making calls, or playing games, the CCA CC4 Bluetooth Qualcomm 5.2 TWS headset is the ideal companion for all your audio needs.  With a hybrid drive headphone system utilizing 1DD+ 1BA, this device provides superior sound performance with no hassle.  And with the long battery life and comfortable wearing, you can enjoy your favorite activities for hours on end without any worries.


High-Fidelity Sound:

The CCA CC4 Bluetooth headset provides high-quality sound with a strong bass and clear mid- and high-range pitches.

Wide Sound Field:

When using the CC4 for watching movies, it offers a wide sound field and shocking sound quality, giving you a cinema-like experience.

Touch Control:

The earbuds have a touch screen control function, allowing you to easily answer calls, play or pause music, and switch tracks.

Long Battery Life:

Each earbud can provide 6 hours of playback time, and the charging case can recharge them up to 3 times, giving you a total of 18 hours of continuous music.

Lightweight and Comfortable:

The wireless earbuds are lightweight, weighing only 5g, and designed ergonomically to fit the curve of the human auricle, ensuring long-term wearing comfort and reducing external noise interference.