CCA CA16 Pro HIFI 1DD+7BA Hybrid Drivers Wired Earphone

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The CCA CA16 Pro IEM Earphones are an incredible upgrade from the original CA16 and offer superior sound quality with plenty of power and detail. This advanced in-ear monitor features a hybrid driver system with 1DD+7BA, giving you an impressive frequency range and a rich sound field that will take your music to the next level. With an exquisite craft and ergonomic design, the CCA CA16 Pro IEM Earphones offer an impressive noise cancellation of up to 26dB, delivering an incredible sound every time.

The CCA CA16 Pro IEM Earphones boast a hybrid of 7 new-generation black-gold balanced armatures and a dual magnetic, unusual shape dynamic driver that provide extra accuracy and clarity to your listening experience. Their advanced electronic crossover makes sure that each frequency range is properly soundly tuned and separated, ensuring that you experience a balanced audio performance with all the detail and nuances of your music.

The design of the CCA CA16 Pro IEM Earphones makes them feel like it was custom-made for your ears. The durable materials used for their construction make them tough enough to withstand the perils of concert use, so you can bring them along wherever you go. With their bright colors and attractive design, you can show off your stylish taste in music as you experience the extraordinary sound of the CCA CA16 Pro IEM Earphones.


Enhanced Sound Quality:

The CCA CA16 Pro offers improved sound quality with a broader sound field, delicate sound, and rich details, allowing users to distinguish every nuance and characteristic in faithful sound reproduction.

Upgrade Configuration:

With a hybrid technology of 1DD+7BA drivers, including 3 sets of high-frequency balanced armature combinations and a dual magnetic dynamic driver, the CA16 Pro delivers a balanced HiFi sound with exceptional performance in bass, mid, and treble.

Accurate Electronic Crossover:

The CA16 Pro features a four-way frequency tuning scheme, allowing for a smooth connection and a wide soundstage, optimizing the potential of the earphones and creating a captivating listening experience.

Ergonomic Design & Noise Canceling:

The ergonomic design of the earphone cavity ensures a comfortable fit that molds to the ear, while the noise isolation capability of up to 26dB enhances the music listening experience by reducing external noise interference.

Exquisite Craft:

The CA16 Pro is built with high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship, resulting in an earphone with an appearance that showcases exhibition-level beauty. Multiple materials and exquisite workmanship contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the earphones.