CCA C16 8BA Drive Units HIFI Monitoring Earphones Headset

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The CCA C16 8BA Drive Units HIFI monitoring earphones headset provides an outstanding listening experience thanks to their 16BA High-Fidelity sound. The earphones are equipped with two customized heavy bass 22955 balanced armature units which make the bass explosive power, and four 30095 high-frequency balanced armature units and two 29628 mid-frequency balanced armatures extending the mid- and high-frequency instrumental details and layering.

For further sound optimization, the headset also utilizes a physics-acoustic dual frequency division design and a three frequency circuit with a 3D-printed integrated inner support of independent pipes. The earphones also feature a detachable cable system, allowing for various compatibility options. With a 2 PIN 0.75MM connector, users can switch cables to suit their needs and experience a greater variety of sound quality.

The professional wire not only improves sound quality transmission but also has features such as being resistant to pulling, bending and corrosion. Design-wise, the headset adopts an ergonomic shape based on the human ear auricle, along with noise-isolating silicone earbuds for a more comfortable listening environment. Moreover, its ear-hook design keeps the earphones in place and cables out of the way, ensuring that users can wear them for long durations of time in comfort. To sum it up, with this headset you'll be able to enjoy great sound quality with true-to-life acoustics and an enhanced listening experience.


16BA High-Fidelity Sound:

The earphones feature 16 balanced armature units that deliver powerful and accurate sound reproduction.

Physics Acoustics Double Frequency Division:

The dual frequency division design optimizes the performance of the balanced armature units, enhancing the instrumental details and layering.

Detachable cable 2 PIN 0.75MM:

The earphones come with a detachable cable system, allowing for easy compatibility with different devices and the ability to improve sound quality by changing cables.

3.5mm Audio Jack・Professional Wire:

The earphones have a 3.5mm audio jack, making them compatible with most devices. The professional wire ensures excellent sound transmission and durability.

Ergonomic Design:

The earphones are designed to fit the shape of the human auricle, providing a comfortable listening experience. The lightweight and noise-isolating earbuds further enhance comfort and audio immersion.