BLON x Z Reviews JoJo 10mm Dynamic Driver In-Ear Monitor

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BLON x Z Reviews Collaboration:

BLON is a global audio solutions manufacturer, and has become internationally recognized for its budget-friendly Hi-Fi earphones and headphones. Using innovative driver technologies, BLON focuses on high resolution audio quality at affordable prices. In collaboration with Zeos Pantera from Z Reviews, a major Youtube reviewer for audio products, BLON x Z Reviews aims to achieve a professional in-ear earphone accessible to all.

High-Resolution Dynamic Driver:

The JoJo is built around a new 10mm composite membrane dynamic driver capable of high output with low distortions. This new driver features a responsive composite membrane with a high degree of membrane tension and responsiveness. Acoustically tuned according to Z Reviews’ expertise, the JoJo has a balanced sound signature with emphasis on a powerful bass. With a high quality bass response and excellent detail retrieval, the JoJo is a performance in-ear monitor perfect for music lovers and on-stage musicians.

18K Gold-Plated Housing:

The JoJo is built from a zinc alloy die-casting with real 18K gold-plated sheets. The shell is plated a metallic purple. With a luxurious and durable shell, the JoJo is as much of an eye-pleaser as it is enjoyable to listen to.

Removable Cable:

The Jojo comes standard with a removable quad-strand silver-plated oxygen-free aluminum cable for a noise-free audio transmission.With a 0.78mm connection type and a 3.5mm plug, the cable can be easily replaced with any other cable with a 0.78mm 2-pin connector.


> Model: BL0N X Z JoJo
> Product impedance: 32 ohms
> Frequency range: 20-20KHz
> Sensitivity: 106dB
> Drive unit: 10mm Composite membrane dynamic driver
> Color: Purple (Metallic)
> Material: zinc alloy die-casting + gold sheet (18K real gold plated)
> Wheat-free wire: 3.5mm four-strand silver-plated aluminum foil wire
> Line length: 1.2 meters
> Wearing method: hanging ear type (0.78 pin plug)