BGVP F5 3-in-1 MMCX Upgrade Cable

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3-in-1 Interchangeable Plug:

Meet the needs of different groups of people
No need to change the line frequently, now it's done with one plug

Single strand 140 cores:

4 strands 560 core Litz coaxial weaving method
Graphene is smelted and purified, with the characteristics of thinness and high rigidity
100/1 Thickness of paper, 100 times harder than steel
High frequency is clear and naturally penetrating, high rigidity and anti-pull

High purity 6N single crystal copper:

Effectively reduce the split vibration of the diaphragm
Reduce distortion effects
More natural with excellent ductility and strength

> Insulation material: PVC
> Structure: Litz coaxial braid
> Material: Graphene + 6N single crystal copper
> Wire core: single 140 cores, 4 strands of 560 cores
> Wire diameter: 1.5 mm (single strand)
> Impedance: <0.26Ω
> Length: 1.30 meters
> Plug: snap-on interchangeable plug
> Pin: mmcx pin
> Solder: Silver Solder
> Splitter: Alloy splitter
> 4 Strands Graphene Copper Silver Coated Mixed Cable