BGVP DX6 Wired HiFi Bass Metal Flat Head Earplugs

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Aviation aluminum alloy cavity Weighs only 4g (including driver), light and portable

DX6 adopts German 5-axis CNC precision cutting to form lightweight aluminum alloy cavity. The surface has been treated with dozens of effects such as atomization, frosting, and exposure imaging development. Its complex multi-processes have achieved its high-strength shell, which is luxurious and textured.

Labyrinth acoustic structure Rich sound and full atmosphere

The front cavity adopts a six channel exhaust structure, which can effectively suppress the refraction of sound waves in the cavity, making the bass dive better and surging powerful.

Acoustic metamaterial vibration suppression technology

By studying the Helmholtz resonance principle, we use the Japanese acoustic metamaterial vibration suppression rear cavity, which can effectively absorb the reflected noise in most frequency bands and make the sound more pure and natural.

LCP liquid crystal polymer vibration film

The diaphragm used in DX6 is a large diameter 14.2mm LCP composite. Thanks to the high rigidity and low weight characteristics of LCP material, combining N52 magnetic cushion body and long stroke design, giving it more excellent high frequency extension and larger dynamic response range.

Ergonomic design A comfortable custom experience

By integrating a large number of common ear mold data collected by private mold customization, and combined with the experience of previous generations of DX series, we, after repeated adjustment and testing, DX6 has achieved a better state in ergonomics, acoustics and hardware structure.

Hi-Res high-quality audio certification is here

DX6 has granted the "Hi-Res Audio" certification by the Japan Audio Association.Bringing you listening experience beyond the CD level