Astrotec GX40 Premium Dynamic HIFI Earphone for Phones

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State-of-the-art glass faceplate done by diamond cutter:
Fusing western elements and technologies, GX40 embeds a high gloss, diamond-cutter processed glass faceplate which reflects and refracts light like a diamond.

Nanotech membrane, balanced sound:
Using Astrotec sound lab's latest implementations and with the help of professional audio engineers, the GX40 is achieving solid and deep bass, warm and full sounding mids and clear but not fatiguing treble.
Ergonomically designed to give the best fit:
Astrotec sound lab integrates medical and ergonomical designs data, leading to a 38 Degrees insertion design, fitting tight no matter you are sitting down or doing sports and isolate noise with good seal.
High purity cables:
GX40 adapts the popular OFC copper cable, enhancing signal transfer for higher audio fidelity.
Low impedance to be well driven by portable devices:
Astrotec aims at developing in-ears earphones that could be well driven by portable devices. Not only on daps, GX40's high efficiency and sensitivity will allow users to experience excellent sound performance on phones, tabletcs, PC and more portable devices.
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