Headsets, Headphones & Earphones: All You Need To Know The Difference

Headsets, Headphones & Earphones: All You Need To Know The Difference

In recent years, there has been a proliferation of audio gadgets on the global market. Headphones are one of the only pieces of audio equipment that most of us now consider important; thus, their market is growing quickly. With the fiercer rivalry between producers and an influx of new models in a rainbow of hues and designs, consumers need guidance in purchasing.

If you've been in the market for new headphones, you've probably noticed how varied the options are. After reading this article, you will always be clear about which subheadings to focus on. The three most common varieties are headsets, headphones, and earbuds. For this reason, we've included detailed descriptions of each category and its several subcategories.

Types of Audio equipments- headphones, headsets and earset

Need of good audio equipment be it headset, headphone or earphone is must. From listening to songs to attending conference calls, we all need good quality audio equipment. But out of three, which one is best? Keep reading to solve the mystery.


A headset is just a pair of headphones that also includes a microphone, so if we agree on that description, we can discuss what they are.

Whether this microphone is removable, nonremovable, fixed, moveable, or flexible makes no difference. A headset is a pair of headphones and a microphone, except in the case of earbuds with a microphone, which are, as you'll soon discover, in a category of their own.

Over-the-ear designs are more common since adding a microphone makes the headset bulkier than conventional headphones while in public. However, on-ear designs are still available for the dogged.

As with any two-in-one solution, headsets have the advantage of convenience and the usual disadvantage of reduced concentration. In this situation, headsets that try to be everything to everyone end up offering subpar audio quality or, more precisely, worse audio quality for the price.


The average pair of headphones is large, airy, and comfy. They come in a rainbow of colors and materials, from plastic to metal, and may be purchased from various stores or websites. They consist of two earcups with substantial padding joined by a single headband; most feature microphones, although these are either housed on an audio wire or, more commonly, in one of the earcups. The headphones' two massive drivers housed in the earpieces provide a more robust audio experience.

When it comes to versatility and adaptability, headphones even outperform headsets. There are versions designed for serious musicians, DJs, composers, etc. and others that are more suited to casual usage.

These gadgets may be wired or wireless. Most current headphones can be used wired and wirelessly thanks to their detachable wires, rechargeable batteries, and Bluetooth connectivity.

A more powerful audio experience is offered by the two enormous drivers located in the earpieces of the headphones.

In terms of flexibility and adaptability, headphones even perform better than headsets. Versions that are more appropriate for casual use can be found alongside those that are intended for professional musicians, DJs, composers, etc.

Sorting headphones by cup size

In contrast to most large headphones, which wrap around your ears, on-ear headphones have earpieces designed to rest comfortably on top of your ears. These headphones are among the least popular available because of their added weight and strain on the ears.

True full-size headphones, over-ear models include large, padded earcups that wrap around and over the ears, blocking out a significant amount of outside noise.

Sorting headphones by their cup design

The cups of open-back headphones are open, exposing the drivers to see. The front of such headphones is often covered by a mesh or grill alone.

Semi-open headphones: The cups of semi-open headphones are not completely closed. They admit a lot of outside noise into the cups and your ears. Thus, they're better suited for professional or indoor usage. Without any doubt, it's go to choice for professional meetings and conferences.

Closed-back headphones: In loud environments, closed-back headphones are ideal for usage outside. Their cups' entrances are sealed off from the outside world by a thick layer of plastic or metal.

Semi-open headphones have partially closed ear cups. They allow a lot of outside noise to enter your ears and cup. They are therefore more appropriate for use in a workplace or indoors.


These are the microscopic gadgets that fit snugly into the ear canal. They have the tiniest drivers and the narrowest soundstage, but their mobility and low weight make up for it. Due to its low weight and mobility, it's most preferred among the users.

They also reign supreme in mobility, which is why athletes love them so much.

Some individuals are OK with using earphones for hours, while others have ears at the mere thought of doing so. However, the decision of using earbuds varies from person to person depending on the situation and preference. Without any doubt, the audio quality is better in headsets and headphones.

They can't compete with headphones and headsets regarding sound quality, but they're designed for a different audience.

Earbuds are available with three different types of connectivity:

  • Wired
  • Wireless
  • True Wireless


In conclusion, becoming used to the terminology associated with headphones may take some time. The situation might be challenging even after you've mastered it. Honestly, it's really difficult to decide which option is better among the three of them.

 Not even we are familiar with earbuds.

This glossary was written to help you tell the difference between these phrases. There's much to consider if you're looking for on-ear, over-ear, closed-back, or open-back cans. Earbuds, however, are an exception since they are straightforward and difficult to mistake for anything else.

However, it's one of many options, and you're free to go with whatever works best for you and your situation. But keep in mind, to get better sound quality - you should opt for headphones or headsets. While, for lightweight and good mobility - earbuds can work great. For any query, please comment below.