MUSE HiFi Power Planar Magnetic Driver IEM Hi-Fi Earphones

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Large 14.5mm Planar Magnetic Driver:

In recent times, we have got several high-performance Planar Magnetic IEMs that have a charm of their own. The latest Muse HiFi power here uses a large 14.5mm planar magnetic driver with a flat diaphragm. The pair here produces a crisp sound performance, all thanks to professional acoustic structure adjustments by the brand. Muse HiFi Power provides an authentic Hi-Res experience.

Professionally Adjusted Acoustic Chamber:

The acoustic chamber in "Power" is specially designed by the brand to lower the distortion in the output signal and at the same time produce crisp clarity throughout a wide frequency response range. The pair also adjusts the pressure management providing a comfortable listening experience for the users.

Balanced And Clean Sound:

By building a specific champer for the driver and calculating the best placement from the driver to the nozzel, the pressure relief treatment is performed at different positions of the front cavity, which can eliminate the pressure on the eardrum and also improve the performance of the diaphragm to give a balanced and clean sound.

3D-Printed Ear Cavities:

Designed in collaboration with Heygear, a well-reputed 3D printing brand from China, the Muse HiFI power has got an exquisite finish. Each cavity is 3D printed using medical-grade resin material, It then gets a metallic frame and unique hand-painted face covers.

High-Purity Litz Braided Cable:

Muse HiFi Power comes with a high-purity Litz braided cable. It has 6N high-purity single-crystal copper cores mixed braided with single-crystal silver-plated copper cores. The cable has got Coaxial + Litz shielding structure that enables the cable to have a transparent sound profile with a robust build.


Driver Module:14.5mm nanometer flat diaphragm planar magnetic driver
Frequency response range:10Hz-40kHz
Plug Type:3.5mm single-ended